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Aww she sounds sweet

Oh, senility...


Oh, senility...

Crazy grandparents FTW!!

she just dosent want great grand kids...

i first read this as "grenade whistle" it would have made the FML more funnier lol, but heyy at least you have a grandma who knows how to defend herself:)

Could be worse. You could have the black belt granny who killed a man. Was on 1000 ways to die.:)

Lulz I remember watching tht..... xD

she probably knew it was you the whole time but wanted an excuse to hit you

why does an old woman have a rape whistle? not saying it's impossible for it to happen, but young women don't usually bring around rape whistles.

Someone forgot their glasses this morning.

I really hope those aren't your real numbers.

Tht? What channel is that on?

notsocrazy u really shouldn't put all ur numbers and emails online for any creeper to see

Why would she have rape whistle?

read the rest of notsocrazys bio... she/he is lonely (desperate), so whoever it is, they want a creeper

it's probably an ex boyfriend who posted his old gurffriends numbers

Maybe notsocrazee wouldn't mind having a creeper call her, but I'm willing to bet she would mind having a crazed creeper show up at her workplace/home/mom's house. It also makes me wonder if maybe she's setting up someone else she knows, like revenge on an ex-friend, posting THAT person's phone numbers. Creepy all around.

POW! Right in the kisser!...err...nuts.

Some people don't like when other people assume they need help and aren't capable of crossing the street themselves. I'd be angry, and confused as well.

when grandma says she's ready for anything she means it!

What, you haven't heard of senior rape? Surprisingly it's quite common.

More like "oh, women >.>"

why would rape an old person?

#43 Me and my friends are all 14/15 and we carry around rape whistles :3

153 - I don't think that this ":3" is necessary. a rape whistle isn't some cute accessory.

My grandmas a hoarder

Aww she sounds sweet

sweet yet deadly

Are you comparing my granny to a fart?

Ydi for not recognizing your Grandma right away

Even he recognized her right away, the same thing would've happened anyways because his granma didn't recognized him.

sick comprehension skills 57.

why does an old lady need a rape whistle...who would rape and old lady..

Yea who would rape an old lady!? Only hot young women should qualify for rape(sarcasm).

Who would rape children?

lmao oh grandmas... :)

Since when do grandmas carry rape whistles???

typical @tttytytyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyytyttttytyy ytyyyyyyyty

nobody want to rape old crazy woman

No, I said sux. Learn to read. And don't be a fuck*n grammar Nazi.

shadow you sure are a tough guy... jk

Okay first off, that wasn't funny. Second off, I'm not a guy, and third off, don't assume stuff.

End life for the good of humanity.

I wasn't trying to be funny, nice try though

It kind of ruins the statement when you tack on a "jk" at the end. Just be confident in your words and in the fact that anyone who's at all worth their salt will recognize sarcasm and/or facetiousness.

71- I'm sorry that u r a suicidal idiot and have to try to get other people to kill themselves to try and make u feel better about yourself. I love how u all thumbed down my comment because I was fourth, and if it's not because of that, then u r just all stupid I guess.

aren't you starting to think she has Alzheimer?

lol Damn it....that was my line

Gamegeek. I don't think that "line" was meant to be lol in any way...

Maybe you should approach people with more caution.

stop being helpful then!

what ? so after one incident like that , OP should be less helpful and kind ? idiot

39 Do you know how stupid you sound?

You morons. He was being sarcastic.

lmao at least SOMEONE recognizes sarcasm

i take this your grandma is prepared for that normaly

Your grandma is a champ.

I want to meet a grandma like this someday! (without the whistle or being socked in the nuts of course)

Afterwards, did she pinch your cheek and tell you you're cute? Then tell you a story that started with, "When I was your age..."