By John - United States
Today, I began to walk across the street when I saw a very familiar old lady struggle across it. I walked over to help her, and only after she had blown her rape whistle and socked me in the nuts did she realize I was her grandson. FML
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  goshpeople  |  4

Maybe notsocrazee wouldn't mind having a creeper call her, but I'm willing to bet she would mind having a crazed creeper show up at her workplace/home/mom's house.

It also makes me wonder if maybe she's setting up someone else she knows, like revenge on an ex-friend, posting THAT person's phone numbers. Creepy all around.

  goshpeople  |  4

It kind of ruins the statement when you tack on a "jk" at the end. Just be confident in your words and in the fact that anyone who's at all worth their salt will recognize sarcasm and/or facetiousness.

  Shadow1368  |  17

71- I'm sorry that u r a suicidal idiot and have to try to get other people to kill themselves to try and make u feel better about yourself.

I love how u all thumbed down my comment because I was fourth, and if it's not because of that, then u r just all stupid I guess.