By Username - 23/12/2010 10:50

Today, I asked a girl I liked what she was doing tomorrow night. She replied, "Cleaning, so nothing really." I then asked her out to dinner. She declined. FML
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Ninjafriends 1

Free time doesn't automatically mean you've got a date. There's that whole attraction thing. That's what's tripping you up.

Scubadiver172001 0

Just because she's not busy tomorrow doesn't mean she is attracted to you OP....


Ouch. She's really not worth it, just keep trying.

iSitt 0

The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

perdix 29

Well, Plusbits, one of them is not worth it, and I'm thinking it's the OP.

fakeaccountX 6

This is when you go Borat-style and bring out the burlap sack...

Scubadiver172001 0

Just because she's not busy tomorrow doesn't mean she is attracted to you OP....

wow you got turned down for a date fyl. You might as well just end it right now because when something (really anything) bad happens that's worse than that you're hopeless.

Idk, maybe shes cleaning up your looks for tomorrow night............. yeah i dont know.

sucks for you, try goin for someone in your league fatty YDI

Randen_fml 0


dne1 0


I wouldnt be talkin... the picture u have for your user name isn't all that attractive either... cough cough.... "fatty"


EffinToofer 3

So, you got rejected. Life goes on. Next time try my favorite pickup line, "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

wesley99 0

Hahaha win

sammy432 0

Aaaww sorry OP. She isn't good enough for you. Some day that special someone wi come up into your life and show you why it never worked out with anyone else. Sorry Xoxo

v1kt4r 13

Yeah lets go with that...

so if I fail to make it into a sports team, does that mean i'm too good for it?

sammy432 0

no, but it might mean that certain sport isn't your best. Or to keep trying and one day you will finally get accepted into something that has to do with that sport.

Maybe she wasn't into you. :p

Yeah your life sucks when someone would rather clean than go out to dinner with you.

FYLDeep 25

It's not you, it's her. Maybe she doesn't even eat food at all. That would be awkward.

perdix 29

As we learned yesterday, some girls like cleaning better than mediocre sex. She must have already sized you up.

Not a YDI, not a FYL. Just mundane.

Ohhh Burn... that's harsh. :(