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Anyway, here's Wonderwall

Today, I was walking down the street with my acoustic guitar on my back. I saw a girl that I like coming down the opposite way, so I decided to play my guitar to try and impress her. I started to tune it quickly, but while I wasn't paying attention, I ran into a pole. Now my guitar is cracked. FML
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  kyliebear  |  15

Yep - pretty obvious you don't show off to a girl by trying to impress them. Girls like guys who can do things they attempt to impress them with, or things that the guy can actually do. This is probably the 15th FML written on here that I've seen that reads a guy trying to impress a girl.

Now - you WERE trying to tune your guitar quickly, that's okay. But - you should've stayed still, at least.

By  jaymers  |  3

a word of advice. girls tend to like REAL MUSICIANS who play the guitar. if you have to whip out your guitar in order to get girls and that's your only real use for your guitar, you don't fall into that category. become a musician, play songs that you mean, and if you don't suck, you'll get girls. getting laid is a perk for being a real musician, it shouldn't be your reason for being a musician. trust me, we generally see through it, and it makes you look desperate.

  SonyIsGod  |  13

Thank you, now I don't have to make a comment myself. You said all that I intended to and even better, because you said it from a female perspective, which is clearly the one in power in respects to this situation.