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By Dino - 12/10/2012 06:36 - United States - Jacksonville

Today, my new roommate showed me to my room, which I got a good deal on. I noticed a big black spot on the floor in the walk-in closet. When I asked, he said his last roommate committed suicide and he didn't want to pay to have the carpets professionally cleaned, hence the "good deal." FML
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i would probably leave. this guy must be a pretty bad roommate if people who live with him kill themselves 0_o

Hmmm girl living with guy suspicious bloodstains .... Get a padlock for your door and a handgun... Or move


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Am I the only one who isn't completely bothered by this? Don't get me wrong staying in a room where somebody died is terrible, but it's just blood, which once airborne lose all traces of disease and infections. Since OP got such a good deal on the room, she should be able to afford to replace the area of the carpet.

31 - Where the hell did you get your info? Some diseases die once they contact air, but there are plenty that certainly do not. One if my teachers in high school got aids cleaning up a blood spill (the years before OSHA went crazy with medical regulations about cleaning bodily fluids).

I don't think that's what is bothering OP, or anyone in that situation for that matter, the problem is someone died in their room. Most people aren't comfortable with that!

Addendum to my earlier comment: Apparently hep c can live for four days after the blood has dried and hep b for a week or so (both depend on environmental conditions). According to OSHA, the larger concern is the dangerous bacterias, fungi and molds that will continue to grow on the blood for years after. The fact that someone died there doesn't bother me (no matter where you are, in the course of human history someone probably died near where you are at this moment), but I'd definitely take care of getting that rug out. Or better yet, make the landlord; it's a biohazard and they are responsible for it.

47 - 31 acknowledged that the fact someone died was terrible. I wasn't commenting on the original comment, but rather correcting 31's comment. So who were you talking to?

43- RIIIGHT that's how your teacher got aids.

To me, the problem isn't that someone died there (even though it's a horrible thought that it was suicide) but that the roommate doesn't even care! How can a person look at the dried blood of someone they lived with, someone who died so horribly, and not care? Makes you wonder why the roommate committed suicide...

i would probably leave. this guy must be a pretty bad roommate if people who live with him kill themselves 0_o

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A lot of depression can go unnoticed though. It might have been a surprise to the roommate. What's more alarming in my opinion is that he didn't pay to have to cleaned up.

I think what makes him a bad roommate is his blatancy for the whole situation, and his general disrespect for others considering to live there.

16- and the fact that his train of thought when it happened was "Well, **** I can't afford to have that cleaned up, guess I'll have to lower my price!" What a complete bastard....

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He just wants you to think it was suicide

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Plus, OP has probably already paid some deposit which she wouldn't be able to get back if she decided to move somewhere else. OP should ask the roommate if he would be willing to switch rooms with her, since the blood issue doesn't seem to bother him at all.

This reminds me of Sheldon on Big Bang Theory lol

The blood might not bother him, true, but it was his roommate... They PROBABLY got along fairly well and, well, would you want to live in a room where your friend killed themselves? I wouldn't.

112 - Eh, roommates aren't always friendly. My old roommate and I no longer speak, we were best friends in high school and up until that unfortunate living situation. Though admittedly even in the end when I wanted to punch him every time I saw him, I would have been extremely sad if he had committed suicide ._.

Hmmm girl living with guy suspicious bloodstains .... Get a padlock for your door and a handgun... Or move

22- I'd be more concerned about living with Voldy than next to a murderer. No gun can stop magic, and that's just scary.

68- refer to 22's username. *slow clap*

3, also, doesn't the roommate, renting out the room, have to state that a suicide happened there, before a renter signs a lease?

Im pretty sure he means voltonor in harry potter ..

144 - Ha ha, seriously? Voltonor? Yeaah, that's what he was called.

That is horrifying! No deal is worth having to live in the house with a freaking blood stain on the ground!

Tell that to the main characters in a supernatural movie.

Agreed! Can you imagine every time you go to pick your outfit for that day you have to be constantly reminded of the life that was lost in that very room?!

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Shouldn't a crew have come out with the coroner when they picked up the body? That kinda shit is considered biohazard, I feel like getting it cleaned up should be required somehow. Besides if he's renting he pay more out of the security deposit than if he got it cleaned immediately. If the stain is settled in too badly he might need to replace the whole area or carpet.

That's horrifying.. good luck with walking in that closet everyday OP.

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Id probably be too scared to live there

Its a ******* stain. Grow up. It's not going to hurt you, and it's not harming you in any way, shape, or form. Nothing was said about the roommate being the cause of suicide, and death is inevitable.

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86- it very well could harm someone not only physically but mentally as well.

Umm no. Unless the inanimate, dried, remains of a puddle come to life and deliver a disease into your bloodstream... it will not physically hurt you.

She said 'mentally as well'. Read carefully next time.

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86- it's a blood stain of someone that took their life. Questions will arise, and wether the roommate answers them honestly or not, yes there could be problems. Feeling comfortable in the environment in which you lay your head in, is about feeling safe. Some people don't find that safe.

Mormonpornstar- have you ever even heard of blood borne pathogens? YES, the bloodstain CAN in fact, cause her to contract a number of diseases. It could also be growing mold which could cause her diseases as well. Pick up a book next time you decide to be a douche and comment on something you're intolerably ignorant about. Thanks~

Mormonpornstar - you seem mentally unkept. I wish I could thumb you down one hundred times. Good day

That's horrible, and I suspect illegal. They should definitely have informed you of that before you moved in, but you should have asked when you realised you were getting such a good deal!! For that reason YDI!

"Oh! By the way, has anyone ever killed themselves in your apartment?"

Yes 7 because a common question to ask if there are blood stains on the floor. SMH

They didn't need to have asked, but legally the original roommate should have told him. Blood is a biohazard and the law mandates it be taken care of in a certain manner.

In a lot of states it's mandatory to inform the buyer if there has been any deaths in the home being purchased. I am not sure of renting laws but I would think it would be the same.

57, I read a case where a young Tamil bought a home (I forgot where) and ended up becoming ill in weeks. It was so bad their infant had sores in his mouth and had trouble swallowing things. They found out the house was a meth house before and all those chemicals were absorbed in the wall. The bank and sales people had no legal right to inform the family from what I read in that article. So idk if it is illegal of her tenant to no tell OP sadly :(. That's really sad and disgusting if it isn't illegal.

That's awful. It's state by state I have no clue about Florida law. California it's required to inform of a death if it occurred in the last 3 years.

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Typically, before you rent a place, you look over every room (and closet) to make sure every thing is OK. YDI if you didn't check things out thoroughly.

This is a terrible situation, but how did you not realize this before moving in? Did you agree to rent the place without seeing it?

She simply could have asked "Why is the price so low?" It's like buying a used car. "Why are you selling?" Could have a bad tranny or, in this case blood stains in the closet.

I saw that story 60. I guess that house was sold as is since it was a repo and a quick sale from the bank so they didn't have to say the history of the house. It's so sad that people try to make a quick buck than care for the well being of others

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I live in Ohio. A few years back, my Grandfather died in his home and we were planning to sell the house. We asked if we had to tell the buyers that someone had died in the home. She said that the only way we had to tell the buyers is if there was a murder in the home. So yes, the legal issues do vary much from what others are saying from different states.

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In Florida, I do believe you have to inform the buyer that someone passed away in the house itself (but not if it was say, at the hospital). And I don't think the roommate would have answered honestly about why the price was so low considering he kept it a secret until the last moment. And maybe OP couldn't check out the apartment herself until she got there (like she moved from out of state or something) and just saw the pictures online.

I would leave right then and there. He doesn't seem like a good roommate either, if he can't show his new roommate into comfort and clean area.

This kind of grosses me out more than anything. He should've told you or you should've asked why he was giving it at such a 'good deal'. F that, I'd be gone.

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You hadn't seen the place before renting? Where I live they have to inform you on any violent past. I would consider moving and getting a full refund.