By anonymous2.0 - 12/10/2012 06:15 - United States - Raleigh

Today, I asked my husband to come upstairs to our bedroom, thinking I could get some "special time." It ended up with us arguing about his mother, and him falling asleep cuddling my pillow while sucking his thumb. FML
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well that is special in its own way..

Doesn't surprise me he was arguing about his mother considering he still acts like a child.


well that is special in its own way..

How old is he...15?

^ mentally he is, I guess.

His reaction seems ridiculous to me

hawright 13

Yes, he is 15, and she is 14 and pregnant.

Threadjackers be jackin'

38- Happy Friday! *thumbs you down*

BellaBelle_fml 23

No my dear, you are the ignorant one.

#51, enjoying yourself, aren't you?

34- Thank you I think you are the only one who caught that.

hawright 13

69- You are welcome, I didn't want to leave you hanging.

weasel123 9

Well, that escalated quickly.

mnfer 7

Well, that's not the most overused line on the Internet.

Boy* that escalated quickly. And yes, overused meme phrases don't work here.

brittanyrmh_ 12

52 - It's, "Well."

52 & 74, does it really matter?

75 - If it doesn't, why ask? Dipshit

citymayer 7

For 74 it matters bc 52 needs to have his wrong correction corrected bc he's obnoxious.

SneakherHead 5

For 100 your correcting the wrong person you mean 75

You should tie him up and do what you please next time ;)

No, the safe word is Specific. If he says "pacific" instead, whip him.

Rosie_Posie43 12

Or maybe just duct tape his mouth

wlddog 14

You guys sound like a blast

Doesn't surprise me he was arguing about his mother considering he still acts like a child.

It sounds like he's 2 or 3. Did you check his diaper? It could be why he is grumpy. Or maybe he needs his pacifier. You married a big baby OP.

PowerRussia 2

I think you married a child :P

enormouselephant 15

Sounds like he needs to talk about his mommy issues way more often to get them sorted out...maybe with a professional though.

mbusey 20

If you wanted special time why would you continue to talk about his mother...?

Maybe next time you should avoid that subject...

10 pounds of bacon!? :D *reads the rest* Oh you fucker! ;(

It's steal. Steel is metal.

DeadxManxWalking 27

Yes you used the right word of "steal" (to take something that isn't yours)

Unbweavable 17

Well, I guess it's time to get friendly with the neighbors

Because cheating fixes everything?

I think relationship therapy would be more appropriate for them.

fylx100 19

I thought for a second there that 15 and 90 were the same person because of their profile picture and arguing with themself. Lol if they would have been the same person, I would have been really confused and laughed really hard.

94, I thought the same thing for a sec.