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Today, I went to the store to get groceries. After getting all the stuff I need, and was heading towards the checkout point, I heard a baby cry and instantly felt coldness on my shirt. Yes I was lactating, and yes it was noticeable. FML
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At least you can cross milk off of your grocery list.

Aw, sorry, op! It's embarrassing but perfectly natural for new moms to lactate during that time period! How old is your baby? :)


Aw, sorry, op! It's embarrassing but perfectly natural for new moms to lactate during that time period! How old is your baby? :)

Why are you being downvoted? This is the truth.

#9 How dare you imply that a woman's body part I find sexual is used for something natural like feeding babies and that lactating is perfectly normal?! But in all seriousness, I think people who have complexes/frustrations and ****** up views about woman's body have problems with breastfeeding and lactating (as in idiots who stare at breasts yet complain about breastfeeding, saying how 'gross' it is). So naturally, the number of downvotes will grow.

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To clarify what I'm trying to say...if you look at any other mammal, they have developed breasts only when gestating and lactating, because that's the only use they get out of them. Humans are different, because over time breasts have become an object of attraction as well, thus why we have breasts even when we don't have infants to feed. It's still natural...but feeding a baby in public is okay. Getting off on your partner's breasts in public? Not so much.

@#1 Did you just assume she had a baby

You do realize that the chances of her being a mom are much higher than what you said right? Also, you were wrong, OP is a new mom.

I have three kids and I just recently had my third one. She's 6 weeks. (: Anyway, every time I hear a baby cry or I hold a hungry baby, my breasts lactate. It's perfectly normal. I think breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. ❤ Don't worry, OP. My breasts lactate like few hours ago, right in the middle of target cause I heard a baby cry, too.

Lol, y'know... Some people these days.. Yes, I assumed op had a baby recently because I've been around the medical field my entire life, my mom is a nurse, and all of my friend have babies. It happened to them during that time period, too. It's just the connection a mother has to her child that science cannot explain. So yeah, when a new mom hears a baby cry, her body will react to taking care of that baby. And if she's a breast feeding, even more so. If you don't like what I have to say.. Well, I think we all know what you read on this website is completely voluntary. Don't like it, don't read it.

Must be a gorgeous baby! I'm happy for you. :)

Breast are not dual-purposed. There sole purpose is too feed their child. It wasn't til later people sexualized breast and now people think breast is for sex too.

That's not at all how evolution works. We don't have breasts because they're a "sexual object." They're not. Their sole purpose is to feed children.

At least you can cross milk off of your grocery list.

Op doesn't have a baby. That's the whole point, she lactated at the mere sound of crying child

Unless she has a medical condition that causes lactating, coincidentally whenever she hears a baby cry, OP is a new mother. The FML is that it wasn't even her own baby that caused her, leak.

Sorry, #3, but that's not how teh boobie milk works. Also, if it was a medical condition that causes lactation minus a child, her breasts wouldn't start leaking at the sound of a crying child. That is a completely hormone-based reaction when that happens to new moms.

It happened to a friend of my parents even several years after giving birth, everytime she heard a baby cry. It was really annoying for her.

#8 That can be how the "boobie milk" works. It's a hormone imbalance that causes new moms to lactate and that imbalance can occur in women who have never had kids. The imbalance would also allow it to be possible that when she hears a child cry she would lactate. It's a combined hormonal response. Both things come from the same set of hormones. Estrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin and Oxytocin in elevated levels in women without children is called hyperprolactinemia Syndrome and is caused by a problem in the pituitary gland. It's not that uncommon, ranges is severity and sensitivity to external stimuli.

OP replied to #1 and confirmed that she does have a 3 month old baby

I'm sorry, do you know OP personally? If not you can't assume things like that

#15... No, rly? When it's a medical condition though, a crying baby does not garner the same response. It's more likely to leak randomly rather than leak on command of babies when it has to do with something other than the post-baby hormone influx.

Would you say that you were milkshaken by this experience?

Ah, the post-baby struggle. I remember it well.

Nursing pads, OP. The thick ones. And congratulations! How old is your baby?

cutiepie292929 18

You can buy one time use nursing pads or reusable ones from :)

Lansinoh also has some good one use ones. They stick to the inside of your bra so you don't have to worry about them slipping. They worked great for me.

I found nursing pads to be useful, yet extremely gross (imo). I had so much milk that I would change them every couple hours and they'd already be overflowing and disgusting smelling lol. I showered twice a day and sponge-bathed when I was breastfeeding, worried about mould or some kind of yeast infection. So, just be aware of how much milk you're producing when using them. ;)

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I'm sure Ive seen this FML before

Didn't know boobs where sound activated.

It's true, it's a weird hardwired physiological response.

In that case it's better to wear special nipple pads. Saves you from all of the embarrassment, you know?