Choking hazard

By notsexy - 09/05/2009 15:51 - United States

Today, I tried for the first time putting a condom on my boyfriend using my mouth. I freaked out, swallowed, and started choking on the condom. FML
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Should've practiced on a banana first. Girls. *Facepalm*


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YDI.. i guess brittney isnt the only "put on the show kind of girl"

this fml has been copied the other one came out in the next year

Am I the only person wondering if he fished it out with his "rod"?

Bet he lost his hardness after that mishap, ehh? P.S. UR a ficking idjut

so this girl tried putting a jonny on the boys ick with her mouth??! ****** idiot yeah course it was all going to go smoothly and to plan, you deserve you ****** dumb bitch!

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YDI for being an idiot and having no control with your mouth.

Should've practiced on a banana first. Girls. *Facepalm*

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1. Gross. 2. You're not even supposed to do that, anyway.

that's not girds u dump shit :) haha it's funny she failed though