By flavored - 18/11/2013 15:26 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I decided to try flavored condoms. I guess I enjoyed them a little too much; I almost choked half to death on a strawberry cockcicle. FML
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At least you'd make it on 1000 Ways To Die.

dantee2005 33

Well, nothing for me to say "cockcicle" says it all


I've heard they all taste the same though.

then what's the point of the numerous flavours? ^^^

Shall we sponsor a FML taste test then? It's only official once we get a majority vote.

euphoricness 28

My favorite flavor of Popsicle is dick!

\ 28

#24 You need to call Maury Povich.

We should do that. I'll be the one that wears the condoms.

caohm 18

at least you weren't like the other fml where the girl bite off more than she could chew literally and almost figuratively.

I never understood the concept of flavored condoms. A ****** can't taste them. And having one on while receiving fellatio seems like it would do no justice to either party. The taste of rubber, and 0 sensation. Am I missing out on something?

caysters 12

I have the same thoughts on condoms during oral too! Same with flavored lubes. I don't want slime in my mouth, or the taste of rubber.

personally never used them, but maybe some people use them so they dont get unwanted stuff in their mouth while doing 'fellatio'

82. If you wear one to begin with for the right reason. Then you won't get 'stuff' on your penis. And you won't have to wear them for the wrong and awkward reasons. While receiving fellatio.

flavoured condoms also leave flavour behind in the female's bits, so when the male does oral to her it tastes like strawberry or banana or chocolate, whichever tickles your fancy.

8313girl 28

I could be wrong #77 but I heard it's like eating a fruit roll up

It does! But why do people give head with condoms on anyway?

dreamsneverfall 8

People give oral sex wirh condoms to avoid STD's such as Herpes, HPV, Gonnorhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis.

Because they don't. like the taste of spunk?

105. People wear condoms during sex to avoid those too. Ultimately, condoms were designed as a method of birth control. Not a STD preventative. It just happens to be a multi-function tool

They taste pretty amazing... It's like you get candy and sex at the same time

KayleeFrye 39

Maybe because most STD's can be caught through oral contact as well as intercourse. YA THINK?

dantee2005 33

Well, nothing for me to say "cockcicle" says it all

I'm sure your boyfriend can't complain!

Puffgurl 6

I laughed so hard at this omg I'm not sure wether that would be a good or bad thing but "cockcicle" omg I might use that someday lol

seems like you enjoyed it more than your boyfriend.