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  \  |  28

#24 You need to call Maury Povich.


I never understood the concept of flavored condoms. A vagina can't taste them. And having one on while receiving fellatio seems like it would do no justice to either party. The taste of rubber, and 0 sensation. Am I missing out on something?


82. If you wear one to begin with for the right reason. Then you won't get 'stuff' on your penis. And you won't have to wear them for the wrong and awkward reasons. While receiving fellatio.

  Madster15  |  14

flavoured condoms also leave flavour behind in the female's bits, so when the male does oral to her it tastes like strawberry or banana or chocolate, whichever tickles your fancy.


105. People wear condoms during sex to avoid those too. Ultimately, condoms were designed as a method of birth control. Not a STD preventative. It just happens to be a multi-function tool

By  UrYousername  |  15

Was it that small?