By DeadLily - 07/05/2016 13:12 - United States - Midlothian

Today, like any other day I moan after I sneeze. The only issue is that today my husband was on the phone with his grandmother, and had to explain to her, while trying not to laugh, that he wasn't having sex with me while on the phone. FML
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Lmao. OP here. I have had sex while my husband or myself being on the phone. It's just really embarrassing when it happens around other family members since I don't see them often. Now being both of us are gamers, our friends hear it all the time through teamspeak. And the jokes never cease. Anyways. I don't even get pleasure out of it, it's just a reflex. Also! Thanks for the comments! You guys are great!

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Try not to sneeze while on the phone for a job interview, OP.


I had to read this FML about five times before I got the meaning. Thought that the husband and OP were on the phone and the grandmother overheard. So confusing.

It would have been funnier if you had let her think that you were having sex while he was on the phone.

Try not to sneeze while on the phone for a job interview, OP.

Try not to sneeze on the phone with anyone (except your husband), OP.

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#4, what if she is interviewing for a job in the phone sex hotline business? Sneeze moaning over the phone might get her employed!

that must've been quite a satisfying sneeze :3

Granny can heard pretty well- must be her taste buds she's loosen...

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They say a sneeze is equal to 1/8 of an ******.. But for you who knows!

Its actually pretty funny having sex while one party is on the phone and they're trying to have somewhat of a conversation :-)