Casual racism

By seeking new employment - 07/01/2016 01:55 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I found out why my coworkers never invite me anywhere. Apparently, I "made a face" when one of them used the N-word, and it makes them uncomfortable to be around me. FML
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jebron 13

I think you've dodged a bullet there

Why would you want to be invited to hangout with people that use the N-word?


Just make more faces regularly, they'll just think you do that anyway!

Why would you want to be invited to hangout with people that use the N-word?

Some people are just uncouth and don't take that word seriously. It doesn't necessarily mean they're bad people out racist. But excluding someone just because they're not comfortable with the entirety of your vocabulary is mean.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

No, #4, I think using the N word when you aren't black is pretty racist.

#4: As a black person, I say gtfo with that. Every white person I know who uses the n-word insists time and time again that they aren't racist, but are still somehow totally comfy with using a racial slur that has been used against black people since...well for a pretty long time! And besides, if you aren't black, you don't get to decide whether or not the n-word is racist. And if you ARE black and comfortable with it, fine. But not everyone will be, and that should be fine too.

I get judged on the daily because of my "resting bitch face." I feel ya, OP.

Same here, apparently I look like a moody bitch all the time!

countryboymike 2

Resting bitch face keeps your face wrinkle free longer!

I have an oily face so I like to think I have a natural moisturizer that prevents wrinkles lol. I am mistaken for a high schooler way too often.

Mathalamus 24

meh, dont hang out with coworkers anyway. that's what friends are for.

The N-word is uncomfortable though. I don't think you did wrong.

Start dressing as a rap star and calling the n-word to everybody, they'll start making faces too and then you can sqy they make you uncomfortable

And then OP can lose their job, eh? Just ignore it, you can find some better friends, OP!

That's just their cover. The truth is that they're intimidated by your charm and good looks.

You're probably better off. people like that tend to be poor company.

askullnamedbilly 33

Was it your o-face? Because that's the only reason anyone should ever be uncomfortable about someone 'making a face' at the n-word.