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Today, I have to make a decision. I either drive my dad around during the day so he can drink, or I let him drink and drive so I can focus on studying for my exams. FML
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Buy some booze, stay at home and have a drunken study session with the old man!

Sounds like you need to consult somebody you trust, OP. This is serious.


Buy some booze, stay at home and have a drunken study session with the old man!

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See now that's proactive thinking

Not a terrible idea...except the part where you join in with him...

Or hide his keys, cause he ain't responsible enough for them. It kinda sucks. But it isn't fair that you have to choose between studying for something that is important and stressful, or letting someone close to you risk their life and the lives of others. You shouldn't have to hold up your life because he can't be responsible or mature. There's actually a lot you could do about this. But most of the options tear apart family. But you've got to make a decision. At what point do you do something drastic enough to make him stop, but at the risk of making him resent you? No decision along these lines are easy. OP, do something before the police do! Do something before he hurts himself! Do something before he kills someone... Drunk driving is serious.

An alternate option would be to let him drink a drive, but to notify the police. Then he would be arrested and jailed. And you would be able to study without having to worry about his sorry ass.

Sounds like you need to consult somebody you trust, OP. This is serious.

To be honest I'd pick driving my dad around instead of studying because studying is less important than your father maybe dying from a car crash cuz he was drinking. That's my opinion, I'm not telling OP to do it but I hope my advice helps your decision

so when he fails his classes, that's not fair either. your dad needs to get his shit together.

Yeah I think he shouldn't have to make that decision at all but since he does he should probably go with driving his dad cus on the off chance something happened to him he'd never figure himself

he doesn't have to do anything. he's the child (no matter how old) and no child should even have to be in this stupid position. again, his dad needs to get his shit together.

There are a lot more options than the two presented. OP could just call the police, but their dad wouldn't be too happy. The OP could hide the keys, yet again, dad wouldn't be too happy. The OP could arrange with the court to have a breathalyzer installed in the dad's car (you have to have zero alcohol to unlock/start/ drive the car. It will literally tell you to blow into it while driving), but dad wouldn't be too happy. Honestly, not too many family friendly options, but there are more than two. But sincerely, FYL, OP.

Can't you buy him a taxi (if it's just a trip or two) or maybe just hide his keys so he can't leave? That really sucks :(

id just drive myself to a library! they can study, he cant drive. win win

If OP hides the keys his dad will hust bug him to help him look for them, so he won't be able to study anyway. I agree with the calling someone else to drive him option.

Or he may get angry/violent. Drunk / alcoholic dad's are the worst, op. I feel for you. If he takes the car or keys from you and drives off drunk, the best (albeit most painful) thing to do may be to report it to the police so they can intervene and get him off the road. Not sure, though, as I'm not familiar with the laws of your country. Best of luck to you on your exams and in dealing with your father. :)

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drinking & driving is defiantly NOT the answer.

#26 she made a typo. Everyone makes them.

@30 It's not a typo if it's a completely different word.

I'm picturing OP standing there, fist in the air in defiance as they tell their father not to drink drive.

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as long as the point of drinking and driving is never okay got across, im okay with my little typo, im pretty sure everyone knew what i meant. (#83 that made me laugh)

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Autocorrect is a bit smarter than you are....

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sorry its definitely not defiantly

Let him make his own mistakes. Don't hold yourself responsible.

Let him make his own mistakes? That also includes putting everyone else on the road in danger. I have no clue why that would be a good idea...

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This doesn't just endanger OP's father, but anyone out on the road with him. I think it definitely concerns her. I agree #13

6 - so you wouldnt stop a loved one from potentially killing himself and others? wow...

Well I don't think it's fair that OP should be given an ultimatum like that because her father is a drunken idiot.

#6 was tripping on acid whn she posted that

By making the choice to allowing his/her father to put himself and everyone else on the road at risk of injury or death, the OP would be essentially taking some responsibility for the consequences because they made this choice.

41 - oh i totally agree its unfair. but having knowledge of a crime without doing anything about it or reporting it makes you an accessory. (OP most likely wouldnt get in any trouble since theyre not in the car and didnt supply the booze, and i dont know the laws there, but morally if someone died they would always know they could have stopped it. and im sure op doesnt want their dad to die/get injured)

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This is why no one takes life advice from people named "TrippingOnAcid". It's quite obvious that your life choices are questionable at best. And, "unfair to issue an ultimatum"? Daddy is lucky the police aren't being notified.

Just because it isn't fair doesn't justify them letting the father commit a dangerous act like that.

let him go for it, and report him as a drunk driver to the police. if he kills someone and you knew he was out there youll feel horrible, but you cant be his taxi. he needs to learn. a DUI might help.

You must be a really sweet child to your parents..

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#7 were you born this stupid? Or are you currently higher than a plane?

my parents arent stupid or irresponsible enough to drink and drive. my mums boyfriend did though and guess what? mum called and reported him to the police. drinking and driving is NOT okay and if youre aware its occuring its your duty to report it otherwise you SHOULD feel responsible for anything that occurs.

neither. i fail to see how im the one being stupid here. if you know someone is drinking and driving its your duty to report it. its incredibly dangerous and anyone who does it 100% deserves a dui, or worse.

remember drunk driving kills. id rather someone hate me and no one die or get hurt.

I agree, Kasey. It isn't up to OP to protect their father from his mistakes, and it's unfair to OP that they should sacrifice their own education and success because he's an alcoholic. OP needs to put their foot down, stand up to their father, and tell him that they are not going to enable his habit, and that if he's going to drink and drive, they will call the cops.

I agree with 7, except for the "let him go for it" part. I wouldn't let him start driving because I'd be worried the cops wouldn't get there before he hurts or kills himself or someone else. I don't know how it would work, but having the cops arrive while he's getting in the car would seem like a better plan if the timing could be pulled off. But I agree, the dad needs to learn that drinking and driving isn't ok and if it takes the cops arresting him or the drunk tank for him to figure that out than that's his problem.

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No kidding, I would call the station number and give them the plate # and car description. School is important and any halfway decent parent knows this and wouldn't make their child choose between dad and a future. Last spring 2 drink community college kids crashed into the side of a local high school. 20 minutes later they would have plowed through a crowd of kids.

You're ******* stupid. His father possibly taking the life of an innocent person because he was too drunk to drive might be the answer? I hope nobody ever asks you to be a dd.

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I'm not sure about the laws over there, but in some states in the U.S., cops wait a block away from the bar because the person actually has to start driving before they're committing a crime.

let him booz at home ..never loose your focus... best of luck for your exams...

Try reaching out to an instructor and explaining your situation. On one hand, he could kill somebody driving drunk. On the other, your grades can have an impact on your future. I would say you should prevent him from driving. Perhaps get the authorities involved? He is being very selfish, OP.

Damn. Why must your father drink this night tho?