By Olz - 22/01/2019 14:00

Today, I received my 12-month diet plan from an online coach. It said, “Eat less calories lol.” I just lost £175. FML
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You want to lose weight and lost 175 pounds. Progress.

Well, they aren’t wrong...


Well, they aren’t wrong...

Well a) it's not completely false and b) now you have 175 pounds less to spend on unhealthy food! If you squint really hard it's a win - even if just in the sense that you got a good life lesson in why maybe this shouldn't be done online, but in person with someone who has a contract for their services and what they entail.

You want to lose weight and lost 175 pounds. Progress.

It’s a good joke for an American familiar with the British unit of currency, but for everyone else, it’s a joke that’s ruined by the fucking metric system!

Im pretty sure almost everyone gets it.

Demand a refund, the coach is obviously a fraud! It should be “fewer” calories!!!! The “lol” is a nice touch, though.

Hey the myfitnesspal app. It will help you to keep track .

It's not an FML if it works. Try it for six months and get back with us if it doesn't work.

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what a scum bag

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shit happens I been scammed for more unfortunately life lesson only should hurt if it happens twice.

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download the myfitnesspal it helps you keep track of diet and exercise

Demand a refund. If the coach refuses, go to the company they work for. If they don't work for a company, then file a complaint to one of the organizations that they have certifications through. There's a reason most of them have a Code of Ethics and it includes being professional. They will revoke their certification, and this person certainly deserves it. Source: I have an ACE Health Coach cert, ACE Personal Trainer cert, and schooling to become a dietitian.