By chumpslolo - United States - Vandalia
Today, my sister backed out of my wedding because it was becoming too much about me. After I begged her to reconsider, I had no choice but to pick a new bridesmaid. When my new bridesmaid posted on Facebook how excited she was, my sister commented, "See, you made HER feel special." FML
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My mistake.

And I was just pointing out that people shouldn't wonder why people correct grammar on here when so many people have shitty grammar.

Myself included in this case, I suppose. :)

  mn_shr  |  22

Your wedding is all about you so don't let her make you feel bad OP. Your sister not being part of your bridal party is a blessing, I promise. Congrats!

  HotRose  |  18

I'm sorry OP, I recently got married 4 months ago, it took almost two years of planning, and I went through a few bridesmaids. I told them to begin with: I love you, but it's my day. I want you to be there for me, and I want you to have a great time. But, this is about me and my honey, no drama allowed.

Half way through my Sister in Law from a siblings marriage, decided that she didn't get a "real" wedding because she got married at the court house, and started to use all my bridal show outings as if she was the one to get married. When we went to my family to plan and discuss, we literally took up hours of her talking about, her wedding that would be coming up "soon". I was told by my brother, her husband, to play along because she just wanted to dream, everyone agreed with him.

I soon couldn't handle it when people told me congrats and she said thank you. The last straw was a few when she told everyone I was controlling her, and that I demanded her not to talk about her wedding.

I just asked nicely, yes nicely (I hate real life confrontation, especially with family members, and often will cry from anxiety if I have to face any arguments) for her to not take my wedding magazines and talking about her wedding while we're planning mine.

Thankfully, she waited to announce her pregnancy after we had gotten back from our honeymoon. I'm very happy for her, and I'm making her some booties for her little boy that is due in oct. I don't hate her, and I know she isn't evil, she's just...well, a girl. A girl that didn't get what she wanted and wanted to relive it, even in a fantasy world.

No one else was as bad, just bad/uncontrollable things happened in there life and they couldn't be as involved in my big day as they wanted, and they all came to the wedding. :)

Sorry for the long rant, I'm just saying that your sister is just jealous, and soon you'll be jealous as her. Just be the bigger person and don't let the jealousy spoil the happiness you could be feeling for her. She shouldn't be treating you that way, and I hope you have beautiful wedding and a wonderful, and happy marriage.

  cbroady0529  |  9

Um...I do not think you understood was I was saying. I was begging the OP to "tell" her sister "about herself" i.e. not let this become water under the bridge to avoid the confrontation. I want her to explain graphically to her selfish brat of a sister how rude and selfish and immature and loathsome she is acting. It's a pretty commonly used phrase where I live; I didn't realize it would mystify the FML community! And I am most certainly *not* "that" sister; I'm a classic middle child.

  queerdragon  |  20

Unless two men are getting married.

My sister had no interest in a big wedding and wanted to elope. It was her current husband who wanted to have the church, flowers, etc. so that his mother would be happy.