Today, our company was being visited by one of our biggest clients, a rich Japanese businessman. My boss wanted to honour him by welcoming him while wearing a kimono in the reception area of our building. The client was in a suit and tie, and I don't think he'll be back. FML
By Bart / Friday 3 July 2015 04:32 / France
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  Drosophila82  |  18

That's not racist, it's just in bad taste. He was trying to show him appreciation for the culture but what the Dumbass forgot was that it's in bad taste if the guest doesn't show up in traditional attire as well. Everything is racist in this country.

  reeper147  |  14

It is most certainly not racist. In fact, he was TRYING to be inclusive. Now granted, he failed miserably because he didn't know what he was doing, but hopefully the client saw that he was trying and could laugh at his attempt. Maybe OP's boss could even play it off as a joke?

  Ms_ValS  |  27

It's generally good to racially stereotype people like that. It's like a Japanese firm meeting contacts from Mexico and greeting them in sombreros. Never fails to impress.

By  bunnybean12321  |  18

though it was a nice thought, knowing the culture better is probably a good idea, a kimono is generally only worn anymore for festivals, or certain events, though some wear it every day, its usually elderly people or people in more old style cities such as okinawa, a buisnessman probably wouldnt ever be wearing it to a meeting unless it were set at a festival (for whatever reason) or at a special event, such as a tea ceremony

  tj4234  |  35

That and depending on the colour, he may have been wearing Japanese funeral clothes. A lot of the time you see people imitating Japan by wearing a kimono in the west, it's funeral colours they are wearing...