By Noname - United States
  Today, I went to get a condom because my boyfriend and I were going to have sex for the first time. When I opened the drawer, I saw that every single condom had a Jesus pin stabbed through it, and a note on top of the box: "love mom." FML
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  doggylover27  |  0

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  wizzard_fml  |  0

Yeah, right... because your average young horny teenagers will be saying "ooh the condoms have holes, let's just hold hands all night..."
Or maybe, just maybe, they'll be saying "ooh the condoms have holes, let's have sex just the same but with no protection so, because our mom is soooo smart, we will risk both STD and pregnancy... "
Lucky for mom her daughter seems to be smart enough to know what *safe* sex is... If only there were more parents as smart as that daughter! lol... and fhl ;)

  crazycornn  |  0

#243, condoms are protection. by poking holes in condoms she takes the protection away, and they're not going to lay off sex because of broken condoms. Since when is taking away protection protecting? and there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage!! and don't tell me it says it in the bible because that reason is irrelevant, it has no impact on anyone who isn't a devout Christian parent!


ur the bitch...ur probably a mom too. I don't know why ur defending her but her daughter could've used them and gotten pregnant. r u retarded? of course that is not good parenting . it was dangerous and risky u bitch

  UnluckyChicka  |  0

243- I believe the mother should've just told her daughter not to have sex. Because the daughter might just keep having sex. And now she doesn't have any condoms. The mom essentially just took away her daughter's protection from something she might do anyway.

  sweetkitty26  |  0

I have sex with punctured condoms all the time... hey next time just use a balloon or sylo wrap. better yet, use on of those fitting socks they use when u go to the shoe store (:

(dnt be dumb enough to try it tho ._.)

  bethyc4  |  26

What the mom SHOULD have done is take a pic of her dad's cum face and put it on top of the condoms saying " imagine your father while you use these". Biggest turn off evveerrrr

  Michelle2914  |  7

I agree! People down voted your comment but it's probably because they don't have god in their life and If they do they apparently don't know what the 10 commandments are!

  AestheticGuy  |  21

Pretty simple, just have sex without the condom and then immediately go buy the morning after pill and take it. Shouldnt have to miss out on sex because of a bitch mother, and first time should be without a condom, just a different form of protection. Should be mandatory for girls to be on the pill when they hit age 15.