By Fred - 20/03/2015 01:06 - United States - Kingston

Today, I gave my friend condoms since he didn't have any and he was planning on "getting lucky." Little did I know he was planning on "getting lucky" with my sister. FML
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Well you kept your sister safe.


"condoms", huh?

Well I know I don't want a kid or STDs, so yes "'condoms' huh." I know it's not 100% effective but it's a ton better at least. Though this reminds me of a girl I dated years ago. Her brother gave me a condom to use on his sister. Go figure. Though we were not friends.

If she's an adult, what's the big deal? I'm sure she can make her own decisions. Even with his friend.

#27, the problem is when the friend and sister hide it from the brother. I mean sure they may not have been ready to tell people, but because of the fact that they are really close to OP, they at least owe him the respect of telling him about the relationship. Obviously they don't have to do that, but I know that if my best friend was banging my brother, I would want to know, and whether or not I would approve, I would at least be happy that I got the courtesy of knowing. Sorry this was so long, I was just trying to explain OP's side a little better.

I agree with #47 but I feel a little different. If my mate and sister started dating then I feel I would need to know about it and it would be hard but it is somewhat acceptable and alright in a way. If they however just got together for a night, I know it's none of my business but I would be steamed.

Why do you people insist on having to know if your sibling is dating a friend? Do you run it by them with whoever you're dating? No? Quit being self righteous and thinking you have a say in other peoples lives.

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@elusiveshame,it's not everybody that needs to be run by us just the individuals that may be close friends.

#55, I actually do run it by my siblings if I'm dating someone, but that's not the point. The point is that although the sister and best friend don't have to tell OP, it would've been respectful to to l tell him at some point, seeing how close they all are

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Your sisters sexual encounters shouldn't concern you or bother you, just as yours shouldn't concern or bother her. You can look out for her, but considering he's your friend, he should be a person you don't consider a jerk.

The friend is the one who should have said something to OP. He was obviously trying to hide it or he would have said something about it when he was asking for the condom, or before that.

nothing wrong with that

Well you kept your sister safe.

I love how you found a plus in a shitty situation, well done #3

The alternative of not giving him condoms could have made the situation much worse

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At least you prevented yourself from being an uncle...

Your friend could make you become an uncle!

Well, they're using condoms, that's a pretty good start to that not happening. Unless the sister didn't have any sex outside marriage, it's always a small risk.

Bro code 101: Never do that.

Exactly. Banging your friend's sibling behind their back is not cool. And to borrow a condom from them to do it? I think OP needs a new friend. And if the sister is underage, OP should tell his parents.

He doesn't have to be a tattletale about it. It's her sex life, not his. If she wants to keep it a secret that's her decision

Exactly #5, that's like one of the highest rules too

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At least you know they had safe sex. Silver lining?

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exactly #5. its the freaking bro code

On the bright side you could've let your sister know in advance of his sneaky intentions..

Yeah, because he foresaw the future..

Said sister may have been well aware. Or they were her intentions and she told him to get protection, even!

Unless the friend raped OP's sister (I sure hope not), she was probably aware of his intentions and pleased with it.

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well pleased could be a stretch...

#46 How would "pleased" be a stretch? Girls not wanting sex is a myth.

Yeah, but it doesn't mean that the friend was good at it. He could be crap in bed, we don't know. She probably anticipated being pleased but whether or not she was is an unknown.

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Not always.

Sorry to hear that your friend would do that, OP! Karma's a bitch, it'll get him one day :)

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And this is a big deal because?

Easy enough to give karma a little jump start... Does your friend have a sister?