By _Tater_Tot_ - 03/04/2015 16:39 - United States - Anniston

Today, my mom let me know that I'll have to spend my entire tax return on replacing my car brakes. The reason I need new brakes is because almost every single time she uses the car, she floors the gas while the parking brake is still on. FML
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_Tater_Tot_ tells us more.

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To answer some responses Im a girl and I don't put the parking brake on, my mom happens to somehow put it on whilst driving and she does not notice the light on the dashboard :/

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Mom needs to a) let her son keep his tax money that her son is entitled to, and b) mom needs to pay to have the breaks replaced herself . Good luck OP.

huh. with the brakes on you'd think she wouldn't have trouble stopping the habit. sorry, OP!


huh. with the brakes on you'd think she wouldn't have trouble stopping the habit. sorry, OP!

breaks and hand break are a big difference.. and new break pads cost like $400... New big brembos (expensive amazing breaks) are a few thousand... how small is your tax return and your mum might have damaged your hand break but to adjust that it should be free.. just a wire that you pull.. I've driven in circles with my hand break up.. hundreds of times(stunt driving) and I've never changed my hand break(what you call park break) lmao..

A parking break could be the brakes that get applied when you put the car in park. Those are expensive. Also. they might not get that much money back.

On my car, the hand brake applies the same brakes on the rear as the brake pedal would apply. My handbrake snapped and shortly later, one of my callipers seized up and destroyed my brake disc and pads. The two aren't related but they use the same part of your car.

400 dollars you Americans are getting ripped off just did mine for 60 pounds all in

I sense #14 went a tad too far... Number one was just making a joke, no need to get all crazy about it.

I definitely don't pay 400 either and I'm American, I don't know what brand he's buying but I'll keep my cheap ones!

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even the lifetime breaks aren't $400...

You my friend have just earned yourself a like ?

@Everyone saying breaks instead of brakes - broken bones can be very expensive. Breaking appliances can also be costly. Brakes, however, vary on price.

Not sure where #14 shops, but even our most expensive pads at advance are less than $80. Depending on the vehicle you can replace every pad, rotor, caliper, line and the master cyl. for less than $400.

I've spent around $400 on brakes, but they were huge aftermarket rotors and calipers, essentially race car brakes for the street. loved them, but as replacement brakes, and not an upgrade, you'd be looking at much much less, obviously

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Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't want be the only person to come off as a possible spelling Nazi.

You'd think OP would stop letting his/her mom use their car?

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Bummer, maybe try work something out with her! Good luck

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no. no working things out. tell her SHE has to spend all of HER tax return to fix your brake. and if she doesn't, tell everyone in the family so they see her for how she is.

Try to tell her it's bad for your breaks & it gets expensive. Good luck!

*brakes. Sorry, I just had to.

Honestly after the first couple of times I don't think I would have allowed her to drive my car without signing a damage waiver... I'm sorry that happened but she really needs to take responsibility for what she did and the damages that accrued.

So much this. Like dude say something about it or make her get her own car.

I wouldn't make her sign a damage waiver, I wouldn't let her drive anymore period.

Mom needs to a) let her son keep his tax money that her son is entitled to, and b) mom needs to pay to have the breaks replaced herself . Good luck OP.

c) the son should stop letting his mom use his car...since she doesn't know how to drive.

No, OP needs to not let mom drive the car, since it belongs to OP. And if it doesn't, OP SHOULDNT HAVE TO PAY TO REPLACE THE BREAKS. OP OP OP OP OP

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Well don't let her use your car anymore

Do you need to put the hand parking brake on every time? Not saying you're in the wrong OP; but maybe if it's not needed you don't need it on? IE if you don't live on a hill or sloped street it might not be needed :) just trying to provide another viewpoint!

it could be a manual which requires the parking brake to be applied when parked.

When you have an automatic and put the vehicle in park, the only thing keeping your vehicle from moving is a piece of metal no bigger than your thumb

See, this i didn't know! Thanks! :) not familiar with the inner workings of my car besides jumping it and filling up with gas. End of knowledge right there.

also in saying that, if something did happen while it was there with no hand brake on and it rolled back into a car or house, you'd be in a bit of trouble, if it rolled back with the hand brake on then you might get away with it on a mechanical fault (provided you could prove you had no knowledge of the fault)

Parking pawls sure do take a lot of abuse up here. However, most park brake cables are rusted solid right from the dealership. Our roads are paved with salt.

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How exactly did she manage to get her drivers license?

Do you really want to know? ?

Your mother should be paying for it, OP. If she can't afford it then you should leave a sticky note on the steering wheel reminding her to take off the emergency brake :)

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Road rage much mom?

#10 that's not road rage that's not knowing how to drive.

ColonelCusswords 24

idk usualy i dont floor my pedal when im pulling out