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Today, my dad gave my younger brother condoms and a pat on the back, even though he doesn't have a girlfriend. This is after called me a whore after he saw me kissing my long-term boyfriend last week. FML
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Your dad is aware of what century it is, right?

LizetteBerenice 22


Your dad is aware of what century it is, right?

I guess he thinks it's back in Ancient Greece where you glorify your son and abuse your daughter.

He's just being overprotective. I feel like dads tend to congratulate their sons on... romantic accomplishments, but have the opposite reactions to their daughters'.

rocker_chick23 27

#43: Pretty sure the woman sign next to OP's name means OP is female, not male.

The circle with a cross pointed down clearly indicated on the op begs to differ.

#20 you should probably look into Rome and Greece

the female sign is easy to reconize, it a mirror with a crossbar

LizetteBerenice 22

I have to agree with #2. Dad's seem to think sons need to go out and get all they can before settling down. When it comes to the daughter, he wants to break out the shotgun. Dad needs to step up and realize his daughter is no different than his son. He destroying a relationship he'll not get back later when it really matters.

Parents like this should also stop to think that their sons are probably doing it with someone else's daughter and that their daughter is doing it with someone else's son. If all parents use these double standards on their kids, it's nothing but a vicious cycle.

#53: In other words words - their approach fails to conform to the categorical imperative. If universalized, the two different approaches to sons and daughters would be mutually exclusive and, roughly, upholding one rule at one time would simultaneously be breaking the other. It is mathematically impossible for such a world to work, unless all the boys were gay and all the girls were asexual.

My mother does the same thing. She says I'm a **** just for laying down with my boyfriend of over a year just to watch a movie but my brother had multiple different girls coming in and out of the house and sleeping with them every weekend when he was my age. Gotta love it.

The idea that it's normal for a girl's parents to become aggressive about her having relationships at an age when it's appropriate for her to have them seriously needs to end. We really need to retire the "boys having sex is good, but girls having sex is BAD" idea in general.

With your picture being so open mouthed, I'd be careful about saying anything involving "insert dick here".

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That's so messed up, hun you're not a *****, sex is a good thing and kissing is a lot of fun and that's okay.

I think she figured that out "hun"...

Also, unless your dad actively walks in on you receiving money for sex acts, that's not an appropriate term to use in reference to your daughter.

Dads need to realize that being overly promiscuous can ruin a boys life JUST as easy as a girls. If I had a son, he would get the same standards for acceptable behaviour as my daughter. And I don't care what the situation is, NO ONE will call my daughter a *****!

Not even that is an acceptable reason to call her a ***** tbh.

He went too far calling you a ***** but I somewhat understand. My brothers had 10x the freedom when they were my age.

Oh wait the two sentences were two separate points. My bad

Same here, my brother can hang out with girls if he wants but if I so much as text a boy I'm only friends with, I get my phone taken away.

Idk what's worse. What you tried to say or how you said it

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I think it's trying to communicate.

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I don't know why some parents think it's ok to say such terrible things to their children. Just because you're a parent doesn't give you the right to put down and insult your offspring.

My dad did this to me growing up. All it did was make me want to be a better parent. She is only a year but every so often i whisper to her all the things that i WONT say to her. E.g "i wont ever tell you you are stupid because even though you got a 104, it wasnt the highest grade in the class"

Men are uhh ill get banned from this app if i tell u what i think of the male gender