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By  jillianmathers12  |  13

That's awful! You really need to get out more!

  dav3800  |  7

31, I'm pretty sure OP is a woman:
1. She's thinking about what to cook
2. Someone is obviously doin' it wrong (wouldn't be her if she gets bored)
3. When does a man ever think of what he's gonna COOK while having sex?

Common sense please. Wont kill you. Unless OP was using a dildo... All this to say OP can't "get it in more"

  rattusrattus  |  18

Cosmo magazine tricks: floss his penis! Rub your underwear over your breasts! Wrap a belt around his thighs to give him a bigger erection (and gangrene)! Feed him blackberry jam! Run your knickers under hot water and wrap it round his phallus! Have sex on a skateboard! And, uh...
"She made me breakfast in the morning. She said 'Good morning, babe' and gave me two egg-and-cheese breakfast sandwiches. I had a boner from here to Africa." Wat.

I do enjoy a good Cosmopolitan snarking.

Oh, and Jacyb, I like french fries too, I'm a woman, but as I'm an English woman I call them 'chips'.

  Johnny6speed  |  0

Really Cosmo? I could go and write a 20 page paper on how the horribly bad ideas, out number the semi-good ones. I alway wondered where women got these strange and sometimes stupid ideas about men. Now I know. And yes I know because I actually read them while waiting in line at the store and yes I am a man and yes I love me some vagina.

  rattusrattus  |  18

These aren't the stupid ideas about men, these are the stupid ideas about sex. The stupid ideas about relationships, men, romance et cetera:
- There are clear spheres for 'male' and 'female'
- One should never openly state what you want in a relationship
- If a man goes down a woman's phone, it's STALKING! But if a woman goes down a man's phone, it's a little bit naughty (teehee!) *rattus pukes*
- Gay/Bisexual people exist, but they couldn't be you or your friends (however, fantasising about other women is SO NAUGHTY, teehee!)
- All men want the same things
- All men are unintellectual, hormone-driven and impulsive

Oh, and they're slut-shamers, victim-blamers and dicators of women's behaviors and appearances. All under the guise of 'helpful tips'. And there's a surprising amount of male gaze for a women's magazine.

  rattusrattus  |  18

65 - The one with the breakfast sandwiches is included because it sent me into a lot of WTF-induced giggling. This is a man not allowed into Subway, of McDonald's before 10am, methinks.

  kalbrek009  |  20

Cosmo has no REAL tricks....just lame tips leading many to waste money on that magazine in hopes of learning something new...if she wants REAL advice or tips, she should look online for ideas or check out a copy of the Kama sutra from a library, also there's an app for that..500 sex positions.

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

If it was a one off, then there's no real problem, just a weird moment.
If you often get that bored during sex, maybe it's time to try spicing it up with your partner. Communicate!

By  Savra_fml  |  17

Mate, your wife is really pissed off with you. She has been on here recently saying you wear dirty underwear and pick your nose while she gives you head! Put in a bit of an effort, but not by saying "do you want steak or fish for dinner?" during sex. Is it really that bad? FYL anyway.