Right place, wrong time

By Anonymous - 22/01/2009 16:09 - United States

Today, I was sitting on the couch, computer next to me, lotion on the floor, and my dick in my hand when my roommate walked in on me. Scared and looking me right in the face he says, "What's for dinner?" FML
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I'm sorry but if you whack off in the common room you totally deserve it, go to your bedroom you freak. Lol

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You should call me and we will show your roomie exactly what we are serving for dinner

Hey, can't blame him for being more hungry then freaked out! By standards, he was asking and serious question... I wonder if he answered him haha

There's also a dessert called spotted dick, 55

Of course spotted dick is a pudding, so it'd be AFTER dinner. They're having bratwurst first xD

But he also SPOTTED a dick too. Makes the pun even better.

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Hey you don't have to put lotion on it by yourself... I'll help you. ;)

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haha wow, I think it's common courtesy to walk out and let you finish your business... domn what is the world coming too

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doesn't he know that is's common courtesy to walk out and let you finish your business ..DAMN what is this world coming to?

how about its common courtesy to do that kind of thing in your own bedroom? Not in the living room on the couch where anyone could walk in on you? it's OP's own fault.

1. lock the door next time 2.he learns to knock and you get embarrassed. 3.put a tie on the door and say you are busy with a women and 4.bummer

thats why they created locks for doors.... and girls

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If it's his roommate he would have a key, he probably just didn't knock.