Today, I was volunteering at a school. There's this really bratty boy there and he was being rude, so I joked, "How are you ever gonna get a girlfriend when you're so mean?" He responds, "I think the better question is how are you ever gonna get a boyfriend when you're so ugly." He's 7. FML
By ugly / Tuesday 7 April 2009 23:34 / United States
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  TheWhiteLotus  |  5

What, was she just supposed to let the kid go about his business and not learn anything from the situation? Then again, that's how parenting has gotten in this country...

By  jayhawk63  |  0

It sucks, but it never would have happened if you had just not let the kid get to you.
When you volunteer, you're there to help and be nice, regardless of how annoying the kids are. They're kids, and you have to deal with it.

  Topasofmagic  |  17

Yeah, I generally like kids, but even I think that such a bratty kid doesn't deserve a nice reprimand, even if she's a volunteer! Kids need to know they can't treat other like that, especially their elders! I don't say I haven't misbehaved when I was young(er), but I didn't speak like that to anyone!

By  leyalu  |  0

I second #2, though I probably would have done the same thing. I think some people like the OP and me are just terrible with kids xD
I once told a child never to listen to heavy metal or her mother would hate her. She ran away crying. o_o

ANYWAY don't sweat it. He probably won't even remember the encounter the next time you see him.

  Cherice123  |  8

Okay, so if you want to complain about someone else's mistakes, I don't think you should make mistakes in the process of complaining. Yet you have not used any capital letters or punctuation correctly and have wrote number 2 twice.