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Today, I had my girlfriend drive me to go buy a motorcycle. I rode it 50 minutes home, got in the drive way, put the kick stand down, and then lost my balance and fell on the other side. I paid $3000 to drop it in the first hour and break the turn signal off. FML
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By  Ray_of_midnight  |  22

Bah, turn signals are cheap. And now you don't have to worry so much about dropping it any more, because it's already been dropped.

Stay safe out there. Oh, and if you haven't taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic Rider Course, do so's the single best thing you can do to stay alive on the street. I've been riding since Reagan was President and I wish it'd been around back then...might've saved me a few hard knocks early on.

  Monikabug  |  9

Hello Sourgirl101, your eyes are perfectly fine! I'm glad to see some of the other voices of reason are still around, though perhaps lost in the mass crowds of trolls.
(& thank you for the welcome back, hehe)

  Monikabug  |  9

:O You win 10 internets! *throws confetti* I'll neatly stash your internets in between the meat and cheese of a sandwich and send it through the fax machine. You should have them in about 8-80 business days.
Thanks for playing! :D


yah know if your gonna buy a motorcycle ATLEAST know how to keep your balance on it! YDI for not only paying that much for a bike but also breaking the turn signal off because you didn't know how to stand it up properly SMH

  stro88  |  6

sounds like a cruiser. half the people that replied probably would die on a bike. stfu squids. just replace the turn signals minor problem.

  fiveofhearts  |  3

Go outside on a bicycle and ride around, easy balance right? Now stop put your feet on the pedals and try balance like that. Much more difficult idiot! And with the sizes of motor bikes, they are sometimes harder to get off.

  awardZu  |  0

I'm in the group of people who haven't had an accident, and I've been riding ten years now. I love my bike, and I know several of my friends that have been riding twice as long as me that haven't wrecked theirs either. I will agree that there are a lot of people that have, but not everyone.

  vickilouise  |  1

first off he did not invent that saying, however, if you have a brain you can have a blast on a motorcycle and save on gas. of course accidents happen but a true rider gets back up. would you stop driving if you got in a wreck?

By  Zomg_Okay  |  26

I hate to sound like a douche but YDI for buying a motorbike.

My dad, who had a motorbike when he was younger, has this saying: "Theres only two types of motorcyclists - the one who has had his accident and the one who will have his accident." He crashed it. Everyone he ever knew who owned a bike, and everyone I know who owned a bike, has crashed it.

  NBS93  |  0

I motion to change that from "will crash" to "will get in an accident", because my dad hasn't crashed his per se but he was rear ended at a red light by a tow truck.