By hatesgravity - 02/09/2010 11:40 - United States

Today, after finally getting up the nerve to take my motorcycle to up 75mph on the freeway, I made it off in one piece, only to fall off my bike in the mall parking lot. FML
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You seem disappointed, would you have preferred to fall on the freeway? there there... there there.

Hey, you got your bike up to 75...for the first time, that takes guts. And you got your first drop out of the way--and not at speed. That's fortuitous! Sounds like a win to me! Just wear your gear all the time and have fun on the bike...


#1 Get the **** off, no one cares that you are first. This FML bores me.

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didn't understand the op, but what I got was he went 75, made a Jump on highway, and failed it landing in a mall parking lot injured, if this is true, sucks for you.

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that's definitely a life accomplishment congratulation on ur victory

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anyone who applies for a motorcycle license should be first made to volunteer at an emergency department for a week.

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75 you are an idiot, care less about what other people do with their lives, and live your own........... Motorcycles been around a long time, and each and every rider knows the risks every time they saddle up. If they don't then they get what the deserve.

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rofl 75 mph. I do that when I'm high as shit


this fml is retarded. would you have liked it more if you fell on the freeway?

10- Think of all the people there to witness it. Much more embarrassing.

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wow a whopping 75 mph on the freeway OMG your so brave............... WTF you are a tool.

my comment got deleted with #1s... I said it was dumb just like #10 did.

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hahahaaa. but I'd rather fall in the parking lot and get embarresed

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11 I second that!! They're awesome!

14 you must not know how scary it is to go 75 on a motorcycle if you have never done it before...

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Not so much an FML.... I woulda laughed at myself if I did that :D

@31 Its alright at that speed. =) Adrenaline rush! 90miles per hr, THATS scarier. But considering that OP is probably new to riding, ITS PRETTY DAMN HORRIFYING.

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how long have u been riding for. 75 that's nothing wait till u make to 115 or higher thats when it gets fun

Enjoy your murdercycles. Those damn things are deadly. Take it from a trauma surgeon. There is something very comforting about having 3000 pounds of steel and fiberglass surrounding me if I'm in an accident.

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motorcycles are hot. and very exciting. and going 75mph in a freeway on it IS pretty scary!

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75 on a motorcycle isn't too bad. I can hit 70 in first gear easily. I regularly hit triple digits on the freeway as long as the roads are open, there's a lot of "oomph" behind a street bike if you lay on the throttle....

No it's not, you pussy. That's cruising speed.

I've been a daily rider for 6 years now. 13 000 miles a year. There's absolutely nothing scary in going at that speed in a straight line. Scary is going fast in a mountain road, with lots of curves. Scary is going fast on a racetrack. But speed itself ? Especially with the quality of the chassis of modern bikes ? If 75 on the highway is scary to you, then you are not made for this.

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All of you are stupid. She was scared to go fast because she thought she would have a screaming ****** of death.

I agree, he's a N00B!!!! Why have a bike if you're skeered to go 75mph? I'm a GIRL and have DEF gone faster + never layed my bike down in a damn parking lot. idiot. Methinks OP needs a MSC.

Oops, OP IS a girl... THAT explains alot :-)

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I agree with #47. U are not made to ride a motorcycle if u r scared at 75 mph. especially on a freeway. YDI for being a pussy.

what the hell are you riding where you can hit 70 in first gear "easily"?

@ 38 so, ok, true, they are quite dangerous, more than a car is, but how about the fact that they are better for the environment since they go faster and longer on less gas? :) And about people dying.. You know the whole world is getting overpopulated? lol ok ok, that's cruel, but true.. if ya think about it :P

You said sheeple. Anything you say is dismissed, forever.

YDI for having the nerve to take your cycle up to 75 on the freeway. you shouldnt do it out of nerve, do it when you feel you are ready. even though you didnt fall on the freeway, you mightve. idk

dude chill out. Mebbe if ur new and OP is a girl it cud be scary...

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Dont be a dick, she wasnt trying to be a tool or trying to sound awesome.

#53 - it's not about who causes the accident. It's the fact that you're generally in a much worse position after getting in an accident when you're on a motorcycle compared to when you're in a car. Even if the person in the car caused the accident, that's not going to lessen the motor cyclists injuries. Believe Doc when he says those accidents are nasty - I've seen some of those victims myself, and there's no way I'm driving a bike anymore.

You seem disappointed, would you have preferred to fall on the freeway? there there... there there.

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pretty sure he means of how stupid he looked going that slow and falling off. just a clumsy moment :) ha

Better that you just fell in a parking lot rather than in front of cars going 70+mph.