By ImNotFat - 18/02/2015 04:22 - New Zealand

Today, a photo of my friends and me was posted in our college group. I didn't notice my legs looked enormous until my friend pointed it out. Her comment got 50 likes. FML
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Well, no.. They'd still notice OP's legs, OP just wouldn't see the comment about them..

Your friend legs tact and manners. Get it? Legs as in lacks? It's funny come on! No? Not even a little? Okay, I'll show myself out.

aw, well at least you tried. you legs tact the humor.

A girl I know posted a group photo, and one girl had put fake tan on her legs and missed the inside and upper part of her thighs. Her dress/shorts had moved upwards and you could see the terrible tan lines. At least you didn't look like that. People are just bastards sometimes, although it could be a hint that you need to start toning up, or you've done legs day way too much. Either way, just ignore them. :)

We all get bad pictures it doesn't mean anything could've just been a terrible angle don't worry too much

I think you've missed the point. . . The FML is about their "friend" being a complete jerk. Yea, crappy picture, but that doesn't mean to point it out and publicly humiliate OP.

You are quite right, my apologies. I took it as her feeling self conscious because people seemingly agreed with the obviously not great friend.

By the sounds of things, they only looked enormous in the photo. And if they actually are enormous, there's nothing wrong with that either. Chun-Li has huge thighs, and she's the strongest woman in the world! (Yes, I know she's fictional, but that's not the point!)

People can be assholes--just ignore them!

Better than saying your gut looks enormous

Correct! It is "healthier" to be fatter around your thighs than your gut because the fat squishes your organs. Useless knowledge ftw.