By Grace - 20/06/2010 00:40 - United States

Today, a close friend pointed out to me how ironic it is that I make the Sim version of myself work out to lose weight, while I sit on my fat ass playing video games. FML
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hahahaha oh that's harsh. I <3 the sims 

LMFAO almost as ironic as that one FML where the OP sent his grandma (who has alzheimer's) a bouquet of 'forget me nots' LOL

naw, if you really are worried about it, then do something.

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omg really delerious? that's awesome! :D

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lol that's ironic but unless your fat ok

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it's ironic how girls on fml take pic so you can see their boobs very oviously

lol just downloaded The Sims 3 today, way better then real life I must say! Screw working out in real life no one even cares about your weight anyways, people like us don't need real friends the virtual world is crazy better you can look like whatever you want and not get picked on by people who make fun of you for being fat.

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I've never played Sims, is it fun? :P OP - That should be your wake up call, start working out if you're overweight.

See I think it's funny how people make themselves in the game how they really want to me in game I'm a sexy beast... oh wait I am one silly me

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that'll get you motivated to work out! think positive :D

dude that's ****** up get your ass on the treadmill

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Ya time to get up off your butt op

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that is ironic... just don't make your sims fat.

Dear 31, I am pretty sure that you do not actually know the meaning of the word "irony". Love, papernapkin.

OP, if you want to get off your ass and exercise, FML isn't the place to start haha

@ 31, It's ironic how you don't even have a pic. Hiding something?

67 you dont have a pic of yourself, so your hiding something?

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73 I'm wearing shorts. i'm gunna change the pic now tht u mention it.

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wish we can have the life like the sims..just exercise for a few hours and see fast results..same goes for academics..jus read a few books then ur super smart...or jus use cheats to get wat u want

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83. it would be sooo much easier

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Yea I wish life was like sims too so that all the dumb teenage bitches with babies get em taken away

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is the sim version of yourself a hott doctor with a pretty wife and a huge beach house? while ur probably a fry cook at mc donalds single and live in an apartment

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biggest win EVER!!!!!!!!! love that friend

32: but you will be a virgin. permanantly. and you probably will never kiss a girl or boy (depending on your sexual orientation)

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lol only the Sim version of u will have a brighter future!;)

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Let your sim character play you, reverse the situation.

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ydi cuz your a fat ass lardoooo

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in soviet Russia video games play fat asses!

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okay u post russia jokes all the time it's not even funny

in soviet Russia, stickypoop shouts at you!

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in America I tell sticky to f$@^ him/herself

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70 oh yes because I just act like a guy 24/7. hmm. sarcasm doesn't work in writing

Of yes because I know your life 24/7. .. for all I know you could =/

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I don't actually especially since i live with 3 older sisters

Says the girl who could be lying with purple hair.

I wouldn't say it's ironic, but more like pathetic.

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It kinda is ironic. And pathetic

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Haha that is ironic! But hilarious none the less

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Whoa! Are you going to punish me?

LOL, too funny. love it. OP take the hint. try running. its actually fun :)

well get up and start working out and become active instead of posting fmls and playing sim

I love the sims but yeah do get out more dude