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  marc_with_a_c  |  3

yeah.. I don't see how it's bad.. at least he wants to know how it works, instead of doing anything without knowing what to do right. and as pointed out, she can tell him what she likes and all that

  trumpet27  |  1

Well, actually it was the vagina she had to explain (not the uterus), but other than that, agreed. Htf is this an FML?!?!??!?!?!?!
I swear there is something wrong with the moderation process.

By  GreenRupee  |  0

Yeah, and? Many young men nowadays don't know how that work, and if he's new to the whole sex thing too you actually should teach him how it works so you can have fun in bed too. If noone teaches them how it works you girls would fight for the last remaining men who're good in bed.
If he's not that young anymore it's a bit embarrassing, but the future will have way more 30+ year old virgins lol

By  transcedental  |  18

That's not an fml ^^ my boyfriend explained me the parts of a penis, AND a vagina and how they work, too. It was quite fun, since I am a girl ;D Nothing embarrassing about that.. since you too are together ;P

By  zargon  |  1

I fail to see the FML here. He's probably new to this game, based off of the information given, but it just might be that he's bad in bed. Either way, he's obviously willing to learn, which means you get to teach him _exactly_ what you like. This is _very_good_ for you.