By cnd1213 - 30/12/2015 18:02 - United States

Today, I had to do my assistant manager's job because she doesn't know what the hell she is doing. I'd interviewed for this position but didn't get it because I'm "still too new for this position." FML
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Just do her job better and take the position

I think its time to get a new job


I think its time to get a new job

or tell the higher ups that you're doing her job. Maybe they'll move you up.

You can't expect to get a higher up position right away.

Just do her job better and take the position

No, they'll just end up doing double work for half the pay. Better to let her **** up and wait till the higher ups start asking questions.

Maybe you can talk to someone who is higher up, and try and get the position.

Time to stand up for yourself. Tell your boss.

Quit that job. They either show favoritism, or can't recognize incompetence. Either way, you'll get screwed, so leave before the problem escalates.

Yeah, who needs a steady income?

Tell who's ever higher than her, and if you don't get a promotion/raise stop doing her job, or get a better job that will acknowledge your skills. don't settle for doing other people's job.

And yet OP does what the person who gives out promotions in place of the manager... Now the question is who had connections here?

Time for the manager to manage assistance better.

Don't you love managing the manager.

Fight to the death - may the best assistant manager win.