By Jbheller - 03/05/2015 00:08 - United States - Mountain Top

Today, after resigning from my current job, I was let go from the new job I hadn't even started yet. FML
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Unlucky man, gotta still keep trying good luck

Sorry about that op! I'm sure you can find another job soon, good luck!


Your user pic matches well with your comment, #1. If only a good re-reading of the post would answer your question.

1 - Great JOB on not rereading the post. /s

Probably not the job for you

We don't know the job

big_al69 8

most stupid comment of the day

...that wasn't very encouraging

Bad luck, maybe it's for the greater good, some how /:

I'm sure you'll find a new job that won't let you go real soon. :) Just keep searching.

That's why you don't burn bridges before you cross them.

Something about chickens and hatching.

Unlucky man, gotta still keep trying good luck

That's harsh. Wish you the best, OP. Perhaps you'll even find a better job.

Lemme just say ur not alone bruh

Um I'm pretty sure that's illegal, unless you lied about your credentials and they found out. You cannot be fired for no reason.

#9: Pennsylvania is an at-will state. It's not illegal except in very special circumstances.

It can happen, especially if the job has a probational period. They can fire you for any reason they want during that period. It's illegal once you get off of probation

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There are many at-will states that can fire you for any reasom, including no reason.

Thank you #13, #15 and #25, I didn't know that. I'm from Canada and the rules are a bit different haha. Thanks for filling me in :)

Good luck for a new job.