By wonder woman - 08/09/2012 04:47 - United States - Levittown

Today, my tire blew while I was on the freeway. I had to change the tire in pouring rain while wearing short shorts and flip-flops. No one stopped to help, but several people politely honked as if to remind me of my misfortune. FML
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I don't think they were reminding you of you misfortune, but thanking you for the show.


It's a free country, man. People are allowed (under most circumstances) to wear whatever they want.

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No they're not coolada... Have you never seen the meatshorts some girls wear these days?

I don't think they were reminding you of you misfortune, but thanking you for the show.


I think honking was a way of doing that sexy whistle. That *whee whew* kinda thing.

Wearing shorts and flip flops is actually preferable in the rain. Skin dries off much faster than clothing. The alternative would have been to wear long pants (unless you decided to wear a skirt; though I'd imagine it wouldn't be fun wearing one while having to bend down and change your tire) and regular shoes, meaning your socks would have become damp as would have your pants. Now THAT would have sucked.

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1- It's still summer for most people. What did you expect OP to wear, skinny jeans?

You don't need the AAA unless the car has broken down.

You don't need the AAA unless the car has broken down.

Sorry for double post guys. My iPod stuffed up :/

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AAA will come help with a flat, if you lock your keys in your car, if you run out of gas, they will come put a gallon in your tank(there is a limit how many times they will give you gas though), and a host of other services---definitely not just for breakdowns

Why should she call AAA if she knows how to change the tire herself? Yes I know it was raining and her outfit wasn't ideal for changing a tire but it seems dumb to get someone else to do something she's capable of doing herself.

I cannot stand people that rely on other people and AAA to do things for them that should be common knowledge. Everyone that thinks they have the right to drive a vehicle, should be responsible for knowing how to change a tire on said vehicle and use a set of booster cables. Both are so very simple, yet so few people know how to do either one. I've known how to do both since I was eight years old. I'm now 18 and have had to change three tires at the side of the road.

Maybe she didn't have AAA. I (unfortunately) don't.

84- Having Roadside Assistance, or AAA, doesn't mean you don't know how to change a tire, or jump start a car. I know how to, however, if I break down, I'd rather pay a professional to come and do it, rather than me do it on the side of the road. Plus, it's more often much more handy. Like it's dark, or you're in your business clothes for work.

84- You usually need another car for booster cables, unless you wanna carry a huge battery starter in your car.

84 - If you didn't drive like a reckless moron and weren't so hard on your tires, you wouldn't have had to change them. Besides, that's like saying everyone should know how to fix a computer. It's not going to happen and this is why we pay people who can and do it for a living.

Please explain how standing in the rain would cause one to catch a cold. I hate this old wive's tale, almost as much as "If you keep making that face, it'll stay that way forever!"

Excuse me "Doctor" but it's common knowledge that standing in the rain for an extended period of time can and does lead to a cold, which then leads to Aid's if not treated with hot chicken soup within a couple of days.

Ah, of course! My mistake. I must have missed that day of doctoring school or something. But Aids? Surely you meant "SuperAIDS". And you forgot herpes, leprosy, and bubonic plague, silly.

Do you honestly think that a common cold can develop into aids? I guess the cold is an STD now...

Pokefan - Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favour and look up "joke" in the dictionary.

I think while you're at it you should look up ignorance as well

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People can be such dicks these days. Sorry about that OP, but I am glad you got home safe :)

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I think they were honking that she was hot. But people don't stop to help anymore because the amount crazy people who use the attractive girl as a trap to rob them.

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I would stop in the rain to help a lady in distress . But I was raised with manners and with southern hospitality

Flipflops in the rain? Short shorts in the rain? People these days just want to look good and that usually means wearing the least amount of clothes possible. They don't care about the weather, but if they come to me complaining about being cold...

121: how do you know it was raining when he started her drive? I know here in Ohio, it can go from not a cloud in the sky, to heavy rain and back again within one hour. Same thing happens in OP's location.

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I'm not a misanthrope, but expecting people to help you in a pouring rain is too much to ask. If you saw someone changing their tire, would you get yourself soaked to help them?

#5 FYI me and my friends did help sone old lady in rainy condition :)

Most people don't stop to help on a sunny day (not all just most) so it is logical to say that in the pouring rain some people who would have helped will not help because of the rain

#5 wouldn't YOU want someone to help you, if you were in OP's situation? I do to others as I would like them to do to me:) it's just polite, and courtesy.. But not many people are that polite these days... :/

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Color me paranoid, but I almost never stop to help anyone on the road. While I'm sure most people are fine, There's always that awful nagging thought of "what if they're just trying to mug me or sell me to the black market?" people are hard to trust these days

Paranoid much 63? Stop watching so many horror films.

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73- by 'horror films', Do you mean the local news? Because yes, that shit actually happens in real life too.. I guess it just depends on where you live. You can call it paranoia, I'll call it being cautious ;)

People should just get roadside assistance. In Australia, it only costs $150 annually for it, and I never have to worry about being stuck, or not having anyone to help.

Holy crap, you've jumped two cars? What was your vertical height?

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63 has a point. There are many gang initiations that involve reeling in some good samaritan to give them an ass whooping. Other times it's just some psycho wanting to cure their itch to kill. Where do you think horror movies get inspiration sometimes?

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They probably honked for your outfit..but yeah, unfortunately world is full of people who simply don't give a shit about anybody else but themselves. Sorry op, I don't know where are you from (mobile app doesn't show it) but if you have there a service like AAA, get it...very helpful at times.

1.You shouldn't wear flip-flops when driving. 2.Maybe they were honking in support?

Yes, she felt really supported with their honking.

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I drive with flip flops all the time!

16 yes I'm sure the flip-flops are what caused her tire to blow out. I wear flip flops all summer and I'm not going to change shoes every time I get in my car to go somewhere.

I'm not saying the flip-flops caused the tire to blow out, it's just a general health and safety thing. I just think you can't assume they were honking because they found the situation funny.

Agreed. A review of the drivers Ed manual may shed light on proper footwear for driving to ensure driver safety.

It is actually illegal to drive barefoot in some places. Wearing flip flops is not. Flips flops win. I've been drivin for years and I have never known anyone who had that problem and I have definitely never had that problem.

This may be a stupid question, but wouldn't the same go for high heels? And women drive wearing those. I personally always just take my flip flops off and near my seat when driving. Easy to put on if I need to but not in the way.

At least you didn't loose control from the blow out and crash! It happened to me while in a cab with my family but we luckily skid into and were halted by the median along the shoulder. Either way, it's good you got out ok. P.S. short shorts are for noobs.

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As long as she didn't lose control

I'm sorry OP! Don't give up on humanity just yet, I would have helped you... Sorry those bastards didn't stop, was just a bad run. Most people are wonderful and will go out of their way to help! Am I right people or am I right?

You are an exception to a generally hateful and remorseless race. I applaud you:)

Thank God u replied!! I knew u were there! X