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Today, we had a speaking assessment in Spanish class. When it was my turn, I yawned in the middle of a sentence, said "excuse me" and finished my sentence. She took points off because I hesitated and I spoke in English, not Spanish. FML
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strawberrywine22 30

I don't usually use my grammar nazi powers on FML, but this is one of my pet peeves. It's *should have* or *should've* NEVER *should of*


conman531 23
strawberrywine22 30

I don't usually use my grammar nazi powers on FML, but this is one of my pet peeves. It's *should have* or *should've* NEVER *should of*

conman531 23

Wow, as a grammar Nazi, I can't believe I did that

"Lo siento" is another way you could say it :)

jazzy_123 20

actually it's 'perdoname' and 'disculpame'

Or you could just throw everyone off and use a different languange altogether, like Norwegian, and say "unnskyld" or "beklager".

As a Spanish speaking person it's "perdón", not "disculpa me".

Disculpe means excuse me, I'm sorry. It wouldn't work in that situation, use perdóneme. I believe.

When I was in Elementary School we had an event for our French class where we basically hung out in the gymnasium for a good few hours doing random activities, in French of course. During that time we had opportunities to gain points to use later. While I was walking around the hallway with a teacher nearby I burped and excused myself in French. She was very surprised and awarded me a good number of points for that. I'm not necessarily saying YDI, but you should have been in a mindset to respond accordingly during the assessment.

The next time (s)he walks into class, OP should say, "Buenos días, puta." ; )

I agree with #51, except a simple "Perdón" would've been fine. And to OP- That sucks; Spanish teachers can be really strict about speaking only in Spanish. I know my teacher gets like that sometimes. I hope you still got a good grade overall on your assessment. :)

#41 or in Mandarin, "对不起(Dui bu qi)

if the points taken off really did hurt OP, OP could claim religious discrimination as one origin of "excuse me" is the asking of pardoning from god

Rainhawk94 27

#25 no he cant, Justin bieber

#28 yes he can, Pokemon nerd. not allowing students to behave in ways their religion dictates is illegal for public education systems.

But expecting him to say it in Spanish is not violating his religious beliefs. I believe that it is possible to be a Spanish speaking Christian.

I think it's pretty fair if he is in a high level and they were expecting a good spanish, he should have said "lo siento".

jazzy_123 20

31, that's really dumb. OP was excusing himself (or herself ) from the yawn. I don't think that has anything to do with religion.

Unluckymeow 9

31, 28's picture isn't anything close to Pokemon. Trying to exclaim religious discrimination sounds like a really bad idea in this case and I don't think it would get the OP anywhere.

There's nothing wrong with being a Pokemon nerd!

All this yawn talk has my eyes watering. Fun little experiment: Next time you are in a room of people (maybe even your crush), take the time to yawn and watch others around the room for reaction. If they yawn, it means they were watching you enough to need to imitate your yawn.

Don't yawn during a oral exam anyways. YDI.

strawberrywine22 30

You can't anyways stop a yawn.

Yeah because people can totally control their yawns...

Yawning is a natural bodily function. It's just your body's way of getting more oxygen to your brain. I never understood why people think yawning is rude. OP's teacher is ridiculous.

You expect to be able to stop an instinct?

So yawning is a mistake now? It's not like you can control your yawns or anything. Also, considering OP probably said "excuse me" literally thousands of times in their life, it's not that hard to see how it could have happened as an instinct, without even thinking about it.

If you yawn really loudly and stretch while doing it, that could be rude. But if you do it discreetly, it shouldn't be an issue. I'm guessing op did a quick yawn, not a full blown one. This teacher needs to get over her sweet self.

It's been shown that yawning actually helps you to focus, so when you yawn in a class or during a presentation or something, it isn't because you are bored, it's because you are tired and trying to pay attention. So yawning should be thought of as a complement, not a rude gesture because it means the person is trying to pay attention to what you're saying :)

strawberrywine22 30

That's kind of messed up. If you were making general conversation I could see it, but jeez, FYL for having manners!

I doubt it matters what language you say "excuse me" in. It actually is a conversation starter in my experience!

Durantye 8

Some teachers just want to see the grades burn.

#4- It's not messed up at all. Before you go into a speaking exam, you are usually warned multiple times to not say anything in English. OP should've said "lo siento," which is level 1 Spanish. But, he's probably not going to lose too much points, because it's only one sentence OP messed up.

hopefully it wasnt to many points and your grade didnt drop to much.

Got in trouble for being polite. Yikes.

lexiieeex3 32

OP's teacher is a giant asshole. I would report them. That's just crazy.

I don't think much can be done in this situation other than OP retaking the test since it's OP's teacher's grading system. But I'm solely basing my assumption on my school experiences, so I'm not positive. Regardless, the teacher is an asshole.

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hippo1234 19

Exactly. My professors expect us to talk exclusively in Spanish while in class, and especially on exams. I got that so drilled into my head that I say "lo siento" and "perdona me" in normal conversations.

Ya, that may be true but having English as your first language it's easy to say automated English words right after you do things such as yawn or cough without even thinking about it. That teacher is a Spanish nazi

When you are at a high enough level with another language, things that you would often expect to be done automatically in your first language are often done in your second. My first language is English. But, i often have bilingual dreams, excuse myself in my second language, or even just forget who speaks what language around me (i live in a bilingual community, but not everyone speaks both languages where i live... So it's easy to forget).

Learn how to say, "**** you, you vicious ****" in Spanish.