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By Anonymous - 12/10/2015 14:29 - United Kingdom - Hassocks

Today, my best friend told me how his batshit insane girlfriend keeps questioning his sexuality and thinks we're screwing behind her back. He's so desperate for a relationship that he's decided to stop hanging out with me. Goodbye 7 years of friendship. FML
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Eventhough I agree, i feel like it should have been her loss. She's the "original stupid person" if you so will. Ops friend just followed her stupidity and therefore shouldnt be the only one punished. And Op shouldn't have had to lose their friend either.

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OP deserves a friend who cares about their seven year friendship over an insecure relationship where he has to choose between OP or the relationship. Also, it will be her loss when his OPs friend leaves her after he realizes he massed a mistake or if the girlfriend keeps being insecure.

Don't be friends with him if he came back, upset they he got taken through the ringer by a woman he thought he loved? Harsh, dude. Yeah, it's not cool that he ditched his friend. But it's also not cool to be a vengeful prick.

guys as best friends works differently than girls. best thing to do is to just wait it out, with her attitude they'll break up and then opp will have his friend back. it'll be like nothing happened and they'll joke about it later.

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Sorry, OP! guys aren't screwing... Right..?

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Yeah, I would be blame. That is a horrible act independent of the gender.

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Nobody got my friends reference? Whipped? The way chandler says it? Wappah

Well either him or her have some hang ups within themselves.

I am sure that, in time, he will realize his mistake. Maybe you could find it in your heart to forgive him!

He's an idiot but I have a feeling when he realizes how truly crazy and insecure his girlfriend is, he'd be back.

Whomever thinks this is a YDI go away and don't come back... Is there a way he can prove to his girlfriend that it's not true? I mean then he could hang out again with you

Yeah... Tried that with a friend of mine. I had coffee with him and the new girlfriend so that she could see for herself that there was nothing going on. She still forbid him to stay in contact with me. He called several years later that he came home from work to find her stuff missing and a note saying she moved in with her new fiancé. Crazy b*tches will stay crazy, no matter what hoops you jump through.

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21- I will never understand crazy bitches like that. When my boyfriend introduced me to his best friend, I was happy to finally be meeting her after hearing so much about her. She has also become a good friend of mine. Not once have I thought my boyfriend was ******* her behind my back and I can't imagine having the audacity to tell him who he can and can't be friends with.

I feel like its even worse that OP is a guy... She's so damn paranoid that thinks her straight boyfriend is ******* his male best friend...

I feel that is really important and good that you know that about yourself and also know that you can't stop ur bf having female friends. I think that must be very hard for you but you are doing the right thing.

We have to stop calling female abusers "crazy bitches" and therefore minimizing/dismissing their effects as full-fledged mental/social/emotional abusers! This forced isolation away from the support network is like #1 on the list of abusive behaviors.

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You know what, 71? You are totally right. If I could edit my comment, I would. From now on, I will refer to them as abusive bitches. As someone who has been in an abusive relationship, I would never want to minimize the abuse of another person. I am truly sorry that my comment came across as minimizing the abusive actions of OP's girlfriend. That was not my intention at all.

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His clearly put hoes before bros .. Oh dear

Friends stand the test of time...were as most relationships don't now days, sad isn't it.