By Superman - 15/11/2012 06:01 - United States - Bellflower

Today, after finishing a test, I decided to draw to pass the time. My teacher looked at the drawing and gave me a referral to the principal for drawing an "anti-Semitic picture." I'd drawn Superman. FML
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Wow... I wonder what your teacher might have said if u had drawn Captain America.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally draw SuperHitler? It's actually a common mistake.


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Fuck superman's life...some people think he's a hater. All he wants to do is save people.

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#1 There's a button for that, you know...

22- The rush for first comment almost always leads to stupidity.

at least she didn't say "first"

lol @ 18. I always wonder why people don't step up and defend themselves, though.. There are so many "mistaken" FMLs like this lately (The girl who got fired because her boss thought some guy was her bf, for example) I never let these kind of things happen to me.

why did people thumb this down?

Wow... I wonder what your teacher might have said if u had drawn Captain America.

oj101 33

Charge of treason followed by a death penalty?

Off to the gallows!

Yourheadache 19

Or Thor without shirt, yummy :)

46- OP is a guy...

50, What if he's gay?

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Are you sure you didn't draw SS man?

Maybe a career in art isn't meant for you....

Just maybe...

20- unnecessary comment is unnecessary

Maybe his teacher is just a republican.

Be careful. You don't want OP to become the next Hitler do you? He already has the anti-semitism and mediocre art skills. Add insult to injury and we might have a serious problem on our hands.

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op drew superman

007type 26

*drawn Smh.

I don't always correct another person's spelling or grammar, …but when I do, I make sure it's wrong, first.

17- Come on now

17 , that is one of the most blah tent cases of shitty grammar I have ever seen

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I read this with the image of "The most interesting man in the world" as your profile picture.

Übermensch o.o

False. Superman did not have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Actually that's a common misconception. Übermensch originates from the ideas of Nietzsche, who said that people were sheep being shepherded by weak ideas such as religion and that strong individuals, or Übermenschen, had a responsibility to step forward and assert their will over the weak. The term has since changed meaning slightly where today it means more of just anyone with great power, like a demigod or superhero. Bottom line: Superman is an Übermensch.

16- You're thinking of Aryans, Guevara.

Are you sure you didn't accidentally draw SuperHitler? It's actually a common mistake.

Shading the upper lip can be a bitch. May accidentally draw a mustache where there shouldn't be. Then again, Hitler didn't have a ducktail hairdo.

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Maybe OP is extremely dyslexic, and instead of drawing the "S" he drew a swastica.

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There must be a bug going around affecting teachers lately, they seem to be getting more and more ignorant by the hour.

Maybe instead of No Child Left Behind, should change it to No Teacher

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I don't understand why teachers teach children when they clearly state they don't like them

maybe they are getting tired of all the ignorant kids.

It's their job to make them not ignorant.

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Maybe she should just look up the word

Obviously the wiki entry had been sabotaged that day!

You sure you didn't draw satan wearing a suit and glasses

bfsd42 20

Is satan anti-Semitic?

anti semitic is against jews not about satan

Looks like your teacher's a Batman fan...