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By  ChelsiiBabee  |  5

Aww, FYL. :/

  RS808  |  6

lol @ 18. I always wonder why people don't step up and defend themselves, though.. There are so many "mistaken" FMLs like this lately (The girl who got fired because her boss thought some guy was her bf, for example) I never let these kind of things happen to me.

  Yourheadache  |  19

Or Thor without shirt, yummy :)

  deBlobX  |  12

Just maybe...

  KaeSAL  |  11

Be careful. You don't want OP to become the next Hitler do you? He already has the anti-semitism and mediocre art skills. Add insult to injury and we might have a serious problem on our hands.

By  medfly  |  2

did you draw a bunch of sieg runes? (ᛋᛋ)

  007type  |  21

*drawn Smh.

  Superstitious  |  6

False. Superman did not have blonde hair and blue eyes.

  merc302  |  1

Actually that's a common misconception. Übermensch originates from the ideas of Nietzsche, who said that people were sheep being shepherded by weak ideas such as religion and that strong individuals, or Übermenschen, had a responsibility to step forward and assert their will over the weak. The term has since changed meaning slightly where today it means more of just anyone with great power, like a demigod or superhero. Bottom line: Superman is an Übermensch.

By  BunBunBabe  |  8

Maybe she should just look up the word

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