By Gibbster_ - 20/06/2014 05:05 - United States - San Antonio

Today, my life is so boring that I started looking through my can of coins and sorting them out by year. The oldest coin I have is from 1963. FML
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pshtuthinkicare 19

Well guess what; my life is so boring that I come to read FMLs of other people.

#1, no matter how many times I see it, your picture will always freak me out.


flashback.miss 28

maybe you can take them to a coin show? they're not exactly 1400s but someone may be interested?

Unless the coins are rare(which I doubt since they only go back to '63) I don't think OP would make any money of them

#1, no matter how many times I see it, your picture will always freak me out.

Actually as long as its not a penny anything 1964 or older is made of real silver and are worth between 10 and 45 dollars on average. Enough of those and you'll have a nice amount.

There's a lot wrong with what you said 21 but I'll just say this. It's illegal to melt down US currency.

#35 I didn't see anything about melting it down in his comment. Although #21 is a little high with the price. Silver is just over $20 an oz, making your quarter worth about $5. Then you'll be getting a little less then that if you sell it to a pawn or coin shop so then can make a profit.

WinterBlue42 22

Exactly. He did not mention melting it, and although the price was too high, silver pennies, and steel quarters are worth slightly more as collectibles.

Actually the penny is old enough to be pure copper which he could sell to make a dimes worth

WinterBlue42 22

True. A copper penny is worth slightly more than a penny. Certain groups of people will stockpile any they find. I don;t go out looking for them, but I do have several large mason jars full.

pshtuthinkicare 19

Well guess what; my life is so boring that I come to read FMLs of other people.

PresidentNorth 16

I am an avid fml reader.. Don't you dare say my life is boring. In fact I consider myself more awesome (if I may say so myself) than my friends who have had the misfortune of not discovering this site's charm. I've tried to lure them in. More than once. They're just not blessed enough!

supersquirel500 10

well now you've got your money organized to roll up and turn in to real cash.

3- Doubt it. If it's just a can of coins, perhaps he's collecting them.

maybe #3 means that OP can take the coins to a bank and exchange them for cash instead of carrying a can of coin around

Hah. Real cash? As in federal reserve notes? The metal in the coins at least has value aside from the federal reserve. Especially if they are old. Like pre 1965 quarters? Silver. Dollar bills are such a joke. And the rest of the world knows it.

91hayek 31

#48 I smell a keynesian sceptic! (And I like it!)

Looks like you need a change in your lifestyle.

markcallanan_ 20

That was my favourite source of entertainment when I was little. Honestly. And that is what you do when you've absolutely nothing else? I must have had a sad childhood...

Schizomaniac 24

At least you're looking to change. Edit: Dime, it looks like others have already coined that term.

bobbyguy 17

It must have taken a quarter of second to make those jokes.

guci101 14

Coins from 1932 - 1964 are made with 90% silver! Good for you OP!

91hayek 31

Maybe it's just me but this doesn't sound that boring; oh the stories those coins could tell. Where have they been? What have they bought in their lifetime?

91hayek 31

To me that makes it even more magical. The penny has come all that way just to be with you.

TheDevilWearsJoe 8

Keep it running in your family for a few generations and then sell it! Guaranteed it will be worth at least one cent more.