365 Days part 16

By frustrated - 13/01/2013 06:39 - United States - Miami

Today, while reading an erotic story, I was more excited that the author used a conjunctive adverb than the sexual content in the story. FML
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Mmmm, yeah....henceforth, subsequently. Keep going, don't stop.

perdix 29

I'm pleased that the OP finds grammatical devices stimulating, moreover that these devices outshine the exotic content, although this seems dubious. Nevertheless, the OP has expressed this preference, albeit unusual, which one most of us haven't considered heretofore is undoubtedly a real one, thus we have to seek ways to please readers like the OP henceforth. Was that as good for you as it was for me?


Try not keeping grammar in mind the next time you read it...

seansbro56 10

I don't feel like going to work today, can someone here cover my shift?

This thread's got unsustainable written all over it; nevertheless, someone fetch me the popcorn, and make it swift.

It's all good there's a lot of us gram-****** out there

good.* There are* there.* Oh, the irony! Lol

Thank you 25. Might I add, 3, that its "grammar nazi," not grammar *****. What, do you have sex for proper sentence structure? Go down for proper use of a subjunctive?

Actually "there's" is correct because "lot" is the noun being affected

58 - no, the object is "a lot of grammar ******" which is plural.

smileyxo4 5

64 is right. "A lot" is the direct object. A lot can be singular or plural, so you decide which verb to use based on the object of the preposition, which, in this case, is "gram-******," which is plural, so it needs the plural verb, are.

Unless you are referring to a lot as in a large space like a car lot. Using it the same way you would use "a ton of bricks" so really either is correct as it' s open to interpretation.

Holy crap I don't think I've ever seen this many grammar nazis at once. Reading your damned comments made me feel like I just got an English lesson >_< comments are supposed to be funny, not educational. Go back to your classrooms.

WolfAtTheDoor 7

Hey, whatever gets your boat rockin' I guess. Or, maybe they're just a bad erotic author...

Either the story was that bad, or you are truly are a nominee for the Grammar Nazi of the Year award. Either way, Op, good luck with whatever floats your boat. ;)

Hey their I was wondering weather I can be a nominee to.

14- Don't ask me, just rereading my last comment, I obviously don't run that ceremony: "You are truly are a...." Horrible. :p Not to mention yours either: "Hey their", as compared to Hey there, insert comma? ;) *Teasing*

rotflqtms_ 21

16, I think that all of their mistakes were on purpose. No one could have made that many mistakes accidentally. Their (there) weather (whether) can (could) to (too). (Along with the ones that you already pointed out) You missed the point of the comment... Re-read it with its flaws, and look at what they're asking... . Go ahead, I have time... . . . ...Not that much time... ~_~

Maybe if your trying to be a nominee for grammar nazi, you'll use the correct form of whether next time.

If you're turned on by grammar, it'll be hard to find decent partner.

Unless she meets, oh I don't know, maybe an English teacher?

31, So, he'll be writing sentences on blackboard to get her excited? Well.. to each his own, I guess...

CharresBarkrey 15

6 - Just because you may not be knowledgable on grammar, doesn't mean there aren't tons of other people out there who are.

You sir, are a true grammer nazi! A shining example!

Perhaps it's time for you to read a more interesting book. May I suggest one on the morphology of a mushroom?

perdix 29

Sounds like a very titillating book and I'd ask to borrow your copy, but I'm guessing that lots of the pages are stuck together. Mycological preggo ****, FTW, they have M2BILFs*, too! *Mushrooms-to-be . . .

seansbro56 10
seansbro56 10

If you already know the answer, why ask?

AnyaS 19

46, it's called a rhetorical question.

Nothing is sexier than good grammar. Ok fine, lots of stuff is, but it's still pretty damned sexy.

Bad grammar and poor spelling are actually huge turnoffs for many people (myself included); it demonstrates a lack of intelligence as well a poor desire to learn. These are not ideal qualities that people look for in a mate...

I'm all for correct speech and grammar, when it matters. but itz tha internetz. Not an essay. 2 many ppl lose they shit Iva poor English online. Leet speak is another form of English lol, just for this online make believe land ;)