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  jem970  |  19

Actually I read all of them and rather enjoyed them. But did they hit my fantasy buttons and make me swoon? No. But they aren't really written very well. I will be the first to say they won't become great works of literature to be studied over the ages but they are enjoyable.

  NeatNit  |  32

Not really, I love laughing at action movies' disregard for physics. But when an author makes an error/mistake that serves no purpose, ie the author actually didn't know it's a mistake, then it's just annoying.

  carebear808  |  12

PLEONASM you are everywhere. In every comment section there is on this site... It's crazy...

I actually hope you don't see this because them you'll make some snarky comment about it, right?

  BunchieRules  |  31

There are certain types of sarcasm and irony that cannot always be understood when reading online. Poor grammar/spelling is one of them, as mistakes are quite common on FML.