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By notagyno - 29/03/2013 14:19 - Romania - Bucharest

Today, I realized how badly medical education has ruined me when I couldn't enjoy erotic literature because of one subtle anatomy mistake the author made. FML
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Just watch porn like normal people...

That makes sense. I can imagine reading something akin to "She had a boob on her shoulder. What a shoulder it was." and not enjoying it.


I predict a flurry of dislikes in your near future, my friend.

Just watch porn like normal people...

Novels like that can be way better than porn my friend. As long as they arent 50 shades of grey....

Some people prefer erotica to visual porn. That doesn't make them any less normal, it's a matter of preference.

Or OP could just get laid.

Actually I read all of them and rather enjoyed them. But did they hit my fantasy buttons and make me swoon? No. But they aren't really written very well. I will be the first to say they won't become great works of literature to be studied over the ages but they are enjoyable.

Sometimes reading can be more enjoyable than watching. But I think bad grammar can kill an erotic story, so that doesn't always work out.

2- that's exactly what I was thinking. Just put one one and beat one out. Idk how anyone gets off to books.

Some of us who don't like porn.

People who can read can also get off because of erotic literature. *The more you know*

Yes. Yes it is.

First world problems.

Same thing sometimes happens to me when somebody makes a really bad grammar mistake in some stories. Knocks my mind off track. >_>

Just like that moment when you realize action movies are breaking so many laws of physics D:

Not really, I love laughing at action movies' disregard for physics. But when an author makes an error/mistake that serves no purpose, ie the author actually didn't know it's a mistake, then it's just annoying.

Just watch the video of George Decay reading 50 shades of gray. Trust me you won't regret it ;)

Talk about sexy.

I personally prefer Gilbert Gottfried's rendition. Really gets the juices flowing...mainly bile.

His name is George Takei* -.-'

I'm sure it was an auto correct

At least now if George Takei ever wants to star in a zombie movie, we've already got a name picked out for him.

It also sounds like a death metal stage name.

That makes sense. I can imagine reading something akin to "She had a boob on her shoulder. What a shoulder it was." and not enjoying it.

Just watch a video OP...

Try playing doctor instead!

"Fuck's sake, he can't squeeze her "ample bosom" with both hands at that angle! what a turn off."

PLEONASM you are everywhere. In every comment section there is on this site... It's crazy... I actually hope you don't see this because them you'll make some snarky comment about it, right?

That's dedication to the cause right there. Sorry if I'm a little late and all that. Timezones eh?

I get destracted the same way if it's a horrid grammar mistake. Then i find the need to fix it with the right word. Lol.

I get distracted* if there's a spelling mistake. Then I feel the need to fix it with the right spelling.

21 - *exactly

What about capitalization.. Second sentence.. I*

There is so much irony in your statement #12. Next time, proofread before posting a negative comment regarding bad grammar.

12 what exactly are you going to correct if you can't spell yourself?

You all must be pretty damn stupid to not realize the sarcasm. -.-

57- no, you just fail at sarcasm

No, you kinda don't have a sense of humor.

I got that it could have been sarcasm.. But it still bugged me..

There are certain types of sarcasm and irony that cannot always be understood when reading online. Poor grammar/spelling is one of them, as mistakes are quite common on FML.