By monkeywrench - 30/08/2015 11:29 - Sweden

Today, I was hit by acute food poisoning while attending a colleague's birthday party at his home. The toilet had a door that wouldn't close all the way, there were only three sheets of toilet paper left, and I had to walk home through town, in a dress, with my soiled underwear in a plastic bag. FML
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because it isn't ifunny. comments are displayed in the order they were posted.

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cause its too close to the "shitty situation" comment

Talk about a... Shitty situation! Anybody? No? Ok...

I know that was a pretty... Crappy pun!

I'm serious, these puns really suck. I'm sorry

Much like the plunger the college would of used after the incident

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That just sounds like an all around bummer.

Hopefully they where understanding. Sorry about your luck OP ?

That's awful to hear OP. I hope you feel better soon!

How did the colleague only have three sheets of toilet paper in the whole house while hosting a party?

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