Keep it down

By Andy - 13/05/2012 02:21 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I attended a formal banquet. The host was delivering a speech, when I felt the urge to pee, so I tried to quietly excuse myself. My chair screeched over the floor as I got up, I tripped over my own feet, and I accidentally took the door leading outdoors, where I ended up peeing in shame. FML
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..... It couldn't have gotten any worse :)

ConnorBrown36 5

That would really piss me off


..... It couldn't have gotten any worse :)

Oh, yes. It could have been far, far worse. ....Blue balls......


It could've been raining...

TheresNoMoreTp 4

He could have tripped and landed on the table with all the drinks on it. Than peed himself.

italiancows 8

It could have been WAY worst than that... Trust me on this one... (sigh...)

Damn 35 you beat me to it. I was going to suggest the shameful act of pissing oneself.

Could've tripped and knocked himself out with the chair.

Could've died aswell.

Could have crapped himself too.

He could have had to pee when he was babysitting...

He could have also shit himself

The cops could have driven by mid-stream....

mariah_2014 0

Wow. Nice one.

No need to be a douche..

Omg a snake...

Yep, my ball python.

61- No one really asked, but cool snake anyways! :)

Least OP wasn't busted peeing in a cup at someone else's house!

Actually the only reason I mentioned what kind of snake was because someone say "Omg, it's a snake.." they deleted their comment and I look stupid.

mizuki123 8

Its ok it happens to the best of us. Sounds like something that would happen to my friend.

Right...friend, that's who..

Does your friend happen to be named Cosmos Kramer?

mizuki123 8


So you ended up peeing outside ? Couldn't you go back in to go to the bathroom ?

apparently OP's bladder had a different idea

nofearjenshere 12

Or maybe he was ashamed to go back in and look for a bathroom.

34, that's how I took it.

Idiot... Wow nice one :-/ outside? Most people would march back in proud... No not really lol

b0ngs 7

Hrmph....reading your comment made me lose a fee brain cells.

TheBonzaiGirl 0

I just hate when I lose a fee brain cells :/

zingline89 18

Why am I not surprised that your profile says Ke$ha and Snooki are your idols

5- you are probably one of those chicks who think they are hot... If you think that way you are 100% wrong you sound like a stuck up bitch... Sorry I don't know any other better way to put this.

Epsilonyx 15

....can't forget her username...

5 - Please don't speak again... or we're going to have a problem.

55- why, you have a problem with him idolizing Ke$ha and Snookie, you clock face dumb shit.

75 - Him? Really?

78- she*. And stop the **** for telling her not to speak again. She is a twilight lover, so she is cute.

MysticKnight - her* And "stop the ****"? What?? Your thinly-veiled attempts at flirting with twilightluver by attacking her attackers has revealed your true imbecilic nature. Well done.

Don't trip(;

ConnorBrown36 5

That would really piss me off

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Oh the irony... Wait, there's none.

Then why even say anything?

You don't say?

The irony here is quite simple really, it's... *looks at commenter's picture* ...boobs... 0.0

one is bigger than the other

Seriously, people? Stop staring at the boobs!

Why should we?

67- says the one who's pic shows man boobs

At least you didn't piss yourself.

But he did..

Oh nvm, I just understood the fml. My bad.

Lol you still got to pee ;P