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Today, in a large church youth group, we were told to write our current biggest trial on a piece of paper, crumple it up, and throw it in pile. I wrote "My mother's death and having to leave my friends and family." The one I picked up just said "math." FML
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Everyone struggles with other things. Im sorry for you OP!

Wow man. I'm so sorry for your loss. But do understand, some people don't feel comfortable enough to share their real thoughts and feelings.


Everyone struggles with other things. Im sorry for you OP!

This is more of an FTGL. F*ck That Guy's Life.

Feel sorry for ur loss OP, may she rest in peace !!

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The one I picked up said "not raping the guy with the stache"

math is hard to focus on when people keep cracking dirty math jokes.

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Teacher: Jimmy, do you know what comes after 69? Jimmy: Yes ma'am. Mouthwash. Teacher: Get out. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist.

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this wouldn't have happened if math learned how to solve its own problems.

Ecpecially when u have a bald, fat, short, admittingly funny, math teacher with a hitler mustache...its sorta hard to do math.

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I find it hard to do math when your teacher is hot and has large boobs, probably why i had to take algebra twice..

2 - That person isn't an arsehole, they didn't know. OP is a teenager and not every teenager has such bad problems, math was my biggest problem when I was 13, then my life happened and now I have real problems. Leave the guy alone

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I never heard a rule for it to be a very personal Experience

For all we know math is a serious problem for them. Maybe it's the reason he/she may not graduate. Not as bad as a death in the family but pretty stressful.

Wow man. I'm so sorry for your loss. But do understand, some people don't feel comfortable enough to share their real thoughts and feelings.

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Or he has a genuinely hard time with math, just couldnt say it in a deep enough never know!

Your life is ****** because your mom is dead and you had to leave your friends and family, not because some kid's biggest trial in life is multiplication. The exercise wasn't meant to be a tragedy dick measuring contest.

No he didn't. He hit it dead on. Maybe the toughest thing the other kid has going on IS math. How in the world does that "F" op's life? sucks for op, but that was the point of the exercise. F his life bc of his trials, not because some kid wrote math.

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"Tragedy dick measuring contest." Such a cold and terribly honest thing to say.

6 & 25, I think he meant you're missing the point of the FML site itself and I kinda agree. you're using this place so learn about it before posting comments, yeah? don't need to be a dick about yourselves.

Sorry, it was a little harsh. I do get it, the op poured his heart into his note and was upset with the insincerity of another's. My beef is that it's not an FML, it's one kid whining about another kid who didn't follow the rules. How did that ruin his day? How could that happen to anyone? I think the op missed the point.

The OP wrote out his true troubles, only to stand alone against juvenile complaints, and so suffered what he felt was personal and public humiliation, thus the FML; the shitty moment that upset his day. This one can be read from multiple angles, and the ambiguity is what makes it an interesting story.

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Sirin- thank you for clarifying yourself, while I agree more with 6 and 25 I can at least understand your point of view on this FML Alan- Bluntly stating "Missing the point" and "You're wrong" doesn't help us :( based on my initial reaction and some comments agreeing with that reaction, it's fairly easy to see this FML as someone whining because another person didn't put a "major" enough suffering. (This post does not tell us if the person who wrote 'math' just did it as a way to cheat through the exercise, or if s/he really had a problem with math, flunking grades, requiring extra help/remedial classes or anything like that) But to each their own, as both you and sirin seem to be looking at an alternate view to mine, all I ask is that you clarify what you mean (unless you intended to spark discussion by your comments) Thanks =)

I agree with #58. I can't speak for everyone, but I have found the FML site increasingly hostile when the FML team (eg Alan and Quite Insane) weighs in with their opinions in such condescending tones. I used to think they worked in an omniscient manner, floating above the tangles of trolls and the like, but some of the FML team are really just as inflammatory as other idiot commenters. Perhaps even more irresponsibly so considering their authority.

This thread is funny stuff. There's more to comment on than that one little point. Saying they're "wrong" is silly. So what if people find other reasons why this is an FML? Also, "tragedy dick measuring contest" is a humorous way to look at this, even if this humor isn't for everyone.

You certainly weren't 'gently try[ing]' at all. I saw patronisation and glee in you apparently seeing something that we didn't, which by the way, as Siri stated, was subjective in its 'ambiguity'. Twice, you condemned us for 'totally' missing the point and then 'nope, you're still wrong'. And it wasn't a point that 'most' saw; this isn't a singular view about the childishness of the OP. Note the many thumbs up on the comments concerning his whining. I do agree that it 'sucks' for the OP to realise that many in the world consider their bathetic conflicts mind numbing especially contrasted to the profundity of his own problem, but the OP could be seen to be self-pitying even when validated to feel so and hence the denigration towards him.

I hardly think that OP was trying to say that what the other kid wrote was insincere, rather that if math is the worst thing in your life that you have to worry about, then it's not so bad at all.

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I'm very sorry for your loss OP but people face very different trials at different stages of their lives. So you can't really compare...hope things get better soon :)

Sorry man. I guess other people just don't put their heart into things as much as you do.

Sometimes, math get hard. You don't know if it's real or imaginary. It's like your loosing your mind. Loosing a mind can be a trial. I hate math.

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...I can see how having a loose mind might be challenging.

Buying 13 apples and eating 5 isn't normal, but on math it is. Math: not even once.

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It's not? I've done that before.

If I have 8 bottles of beer in one hand and 6 in the other what do I have? "A drinking problem!" I can't remember where I saw that joke but it felt relevant.

Man, the amount of people who'd give anything for something like "Maths" to be their biggest trial...