By chubbs - United States - Vacaville


Today, after waiting 2 hours for my landlord to leave so I could take a shit in peace, I sat down on the toilet. The doorbell immediately rang. It was my landlord, who wanted to let me know that he had just backed into my car. FML
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  9echo  |  17

HOLY SHIT! Can we stop shitting on FMLs with all these shitty "shit" comments? It's just starting to make my daily FML reading-time really shitty...

  niallo  |  23

The landlord hit a parked car. Unless it was parked in the middle of the road, it's the landlords fault. Even then, the landlord is moving, the parked car is not. I can't see how any fault can be placed on the OP.

By  91hayek  |  31

Home is where you take the large grip-your-ankles, take-your-shirt-off, sweat-profusely professional dumps. Anywhere else are just amateur shits. I would hate your landlord forever for this simple slight.