By chubbs - 28/05/2014 21:07 - United States - Vacaville

Today, after waiting 2 hours for my landlord to leave so I could take a shit in peace, I sat down on the toilet. The doorbell immediately rang. It was my landlord, who wanted to let me know that he had just backed into my car. FML
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Did you answer the door with your pants around your ankles?

Well I guess you don't have to pay the rent for a few months


Holy shit... Literally

seems like every time 'that word' is mentioned, that comment gets downvoted

No it's downvoted because it makes no sense. Maybe if a priest took a dump on OP the comment makes sense, literally, but in this case, no.

shit happens.

It is a bit shit to be honest though..

did op at least finish taking a shit?

incoherentrmblr 21

Piece of Shit landlord...

Did you answer the door with your pants around your ankles?

With phone in hand, and toilet paper stuck on shoes. Complete the look!

Not just the shoes.

Nobody laughs at these any more.

HOLY SHIT! Can we stop shitting on FMLs with all these shitty "shit" comments? It's just starting to make my daily FML reading-time really shitty...

Well I guess you don't have to pay the rent for a few months

or he gets sued for parking his car in the wrong place by his landlord. and then he loses all his money

why would u assume OP parked in the wrong spot? maybe the landlord is a shitty driver. ever think of that?

The landlord hit a parked car. Unless it was parked in the middle of the road, it's the landlords fault. Even then, the landlord is moving, the parked car is not. I can't see how any fault can be placed on the OP.

I think 11 was making a situation that could possibly be spouted by the landlord so that he doesn't have to pay.

That wasn't the only thing he backed.

What happened in the two hours?

Amanyyyyyy 29

Free rent for a few months? Edit- Someone beat me to it

Don't you dare refer to me so casually woman

91hayek 31

Home is where you take the large grip-your-ankles, take-your-shirt-off, sweat-profusely professional dumps. Anywhere else are just amateur shits. I would hate your landlord forever for this simple slight.

ihavenolifehaha 16

What a shitty situation

No. It was actually a sh*tless situation. Stop overusing these puns.