Shit show

By Malakai - 23/10/2018 22:00

Today, after taking a massive shit, I flushed the toilet and it clogged. It flooded to the brim and the shit came rising to the top. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed some toilet paper and picked it up, ran to my balcony, and launched it. It landed on my neighbor's car. FML
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Alup132 22

I know it’s not the most fun, but you have a trash can, stuff happens. You could always put gloves on and put it back in the toilet and flush it if it’s fixed before taking out the trash. If you’re worried about smell, throw it away in a Ziplock bag or something... While you don’t deserve the clog, you deserve whatever your neighbor says to do for making that dumb decision.

Deez_Knots 10

HAHAHAAAHHAHA funniest one I’ve ever read

ryand82 11
ViviMage 38

This is why you need a force ball plunger meant for a toilet! Not the one that is just half a circle flange, the whole circle flange! I hope you do know your poop acidic at 6.6 and will etch the car's paint?

a pH of 6.6 is almost neutral. It's going to take quite a while for poop to eat away at the paint at a car. acid rain is more acidic.

Shit happens but don't drag your neighbor into it.

I feel more concerned that your first instinct was to launch your shit off your balcony. Sharing is not always caring, op.

Were you listening to Chris Stapelton’s “Fire Away” and launched the shit at the right timing to the song? 🎶Fireeeeeeeee awayyyyyy....”

I read cat haha was kinda funnier, a car can be hosed off!