By Lolrus - 28/03/2009 16:50 - Qatar

Today, I was jogging through my neighborhood and then I notice this cute guy running beside me, we stoped and flirted for a while and my mom drove past. She then rolled down the window and said "Honey, you owe me for the dry cleaning on your period pants." FML
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man your mom is an awesome cockblock

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Oh my god. What?


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Oh my god. What?

Haha that stinks!!!! Hope u can show your face in public again ;)

Haha #1 had the same reaction as me I totally agree

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Emma Marshall 19

Yeah it's horrible that people now know she has periods.... what will she ever do....

Ouch, embarrassing He shouldn't care too much about it though. After all, all girls have periods.

zakkyzebra 11

no they don't

man your mom is an awesome cockblock

I wonder what she's like at home

awesome and cockblock should not be in the sane sentence unless with the name Paris Hilton involved

So many FMLs just recycling other ones lately...and not even waiting a while between them. I mean, gutted if that really happened, but I don't believe it did.

oh shit that sucks!!

"period pants" hahaha, yessssss!

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thats pretty amusing... i wish i could have seen the dudes face after hearing that

This is where you learn if he has a sense of humor or not. And if you do for that matter.

Haha, owned.... #7 took the words right out of my mouth, lol.