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By hardtotell - 22/01/2010 00:45 - United States

Today, a man I don't know came up to me and started screaming about how "all you damn Mexicans were stealing American's jobs" and he stormed off. I'm Native American, and I'm pretty sure we've been here longer. FML
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Who the **** voted that this guy deserved it? Show yourselves, you racist assholes.

You should have shouted back at him how "all you ******* english rejects come here and rape YOUR lands and people!" and then slapped him and walked away.


Wow! Racists proves their a fool again! FYL Op

*Racists prove they're fools again. If you're going to call someone a fool, don't make an ass out of yourself while doing it.

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That stuff is easy to say when is hasn't happen to you, but when you are a different color than white people will sometime treat you like they are above you and they own you. I am Hispanic and been called all the names, told to get on the roof or go grab the lawn mower. racism should be done with in this country because it makes no sense.

#8: I think racist ignorance tops a typo.

speaking of red people, why don't they ever speak about history? all we hear is christopher this and Columbus that

debateable. haha jokes. that sucks. same thing here in aus. people reckon aboriginals are dirty and take jobs from "hard workin Australians" I always say... pretty sure They hve had it harder than us "hard working Australians"

I love how you are implying that the majority of Aboriginals work.

I've never heard anyone say that. Ever. You're a ********.

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Yeah, I've heard a lot racism towards the aboriginals and the polys in Australia.

All of the hard working Australians are in London earning minimum wage, serving pints in dirty pubs

Yeah I've heard a lot of racism towards Aboriginals, (including the name 'Abo') but I agree with #28. I have never heard ANYONE say or imply that. Ever.

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wow that's kinda funny... but ignore those ignorant fools....some people are just dumb...

Did you get him with your bow and arrow? He totally deserves that.

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Err derr derrrr! Gotta love South Park

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...your name isn't Conan, is it OP?

The Barbarian or O'Brien? I don't think either of those are correct. OP is a woman.

You should have shouted back at him how "all you ******* english rejects come here and rape YOUR lands and people!" and then slapped him and walked away.

it's funny when americans take the piss outa english people... they are english... just fat ones

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No we're American, from America! We just speak English.

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Everyone is racist just get over it and let people be ignorant.

Or try to get people to be half-way decent to each other... If enough people are horrible racists because hey, we should let them be who they are, the world becomes a bad place.

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Dear OP, Welcome to my favorite FMLs page. Cheers! Cherry :-)