By Anonymous - 9/2/2021 05:01

Where there's a will…

Today, as a final effort to get me to lose weight, my recently deceased father left me $25,000 on his will, which is only to be released to me once I weigh 150 pounds. No exceptions. I'm about to lose my house. FML
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  Brightside86  |  23

True, just because someone puts a stipulation in a will or even a business contract doesn't necessarily make it binding. Probably pretty open/shut for a judge to strike that part.

By  VnD  |  7

Try to lose weight, you'll be thanking yourself and your father for doing it, take it from a former obese person, exercise is great for the body and mind!

By  Lyrik Clark  |  3

good ole nose sugar

google go-cleanse, you know what needs to be done. 30 days strict diet, you could lose up to 40 pounds a month, downside is it's not cheap, like 400 or something i don't remember but it worked for me i lost 38 pounds in a month, it wasn't easy, but I did spend ALOT less on food