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Today, I bought a parakeet for my kids. When I got home and presented it to them, they wanted to let him fly around inside. We went around the house making sure all the windows and doors were shut. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off the ceiling fan. FML
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By  marisaichiban  |  0

It's still not a good idea to let them fly around the house like that. As much as it would be nice to give them the freedom, accidents happen.
Next time, try getting the wings clipped and teach kids proper bird handling :)

  Djosef_fml  |  0

You can actually make your house -or more likely a room in your house- ''bird-safe'' if you plan to let one fly around. That requires preparation, but obviously OP didn't read much before adopting the pet, which unfortunatly often result in bad owners abusing/killing a pet they were not ready to truly take care of.

Petshops are sooo not the place to decide you're buying a parrot : They make cash by selling them. OP made the shop owner really happy. He's obviously rushing to buy another parrot like a morron because the kids are sad. But it's ok, right? You're learning! One dead parrot at the time! [/sarcasm] Screw you OP. Buy a book, learn from it, have a long talk with family, take notes, and then reconsider.

Ceiling fans, windows, non-covered toilets, toxic plants, ovens, etc, etc... are really big dangers. Nervous birds also tend to fly anywhere like morrons (a word that also suits you, OP), and if they don't fly often, they will land/crash anywhere out of confusion and because they get tired very fast.

Cliping a bird's wings is cruel in my opinion, but I understand why many owners decide to clip.
As #37 wrote, cliping once for the trip home and acclimation is good.

#27 is full of win. OP was doing a HORRIBLE job at welcoming the bird home. It's clear that OP didn't get any decent info before buying his victim.

  mackenzie2323  |  5

Clipping a birds wings is actually the safest thing to do, it's just like cutting a dogs hair, it keeps them from flying and just like in this FML, from hurting themselves, the feathers grow back, it's nothing perment. I have a goffin cockatoo and she likes when her wings are clipped, because then she gets out more often and can go outside with me

  14MEDIC14  |  0

WOOT KICK ASS POST!!!!!! I own six parakeets. Bubbles, lime, kiwi (the men); and melon, aqua, and berries (the ladies). If I ever met the OP, someone soo stupid to not take every precaution known to man to care for their new family member I'd kick their ass.

By  formosababie  |  0

chances are your parakeet flipped out and just kept blindly crashing into walls and windows. they scare easy, especially if you just got it. definitely clip its wings and train it to be comfortable around people.

...if it survived the ceiling fan...

By  meanbeech  |  0

bye bye birdy.. why would you be stupid enough to let aq bird fly round your house anyway.. shitting all over the place... its not only wild birds that do it?

By  Amkii  |  0

You'd think that if this post were real, the author would be grieving over the loss of a pet and innocent animal... but no, instead (s)he writes a FML story. I doubt this is real. If it is, please NEVER get another pet. Clearly you're oblivious when it comes to pet ownership, and you should be highly ashamed of yourself and feeling remorse, which I doubt you are. You killed an innocent animal. I hope that is enough grief to make you reconsider any further pets. I hope karma gets you back one day.