By Stressed dad
Today, my wife's water broke so I drove her to the hospital. After 16 hours without labor, I went home to get a little sleep. Four hours later I got the call and ran outside to find that my car was towed from my parking space. FML
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By  flyingflies  |  36 left your pregnant, soon to be giving birth wife alone at the hospital? Even if she had other people there to support her, you are supposed to be her main support. Yes, you were tired and sleeping in an uncomfortable chair isn't ideal, but you left at a time when you were sure that the birth was going to occur soon.

By  flyingflies  |  36

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Agreed. He should have stayed with her no matter what. Most fathers sleep in those chairs or go to a near by waiting room and make some sort of bed. Now he missed his child being born. I'm sure she was unhappy about that. And I'm also sure she didn't get very much sleep being once she got into labor and such. I'm not saying he is a horrible husband and father, but he should have stayed by her side no matter the cost.

  Zanquis  |  22

no he was not wrong to go home, just what happened with his car was wrong.

He did not leave her while she was in labor, that is a big difference. When my boy was being born we went to the hospital on a sunday, he came on a tuesday. i stayed on her side for about 18 hours a day, only going home to shower and rest for a few hours to be back there early in the morning but by taking rest and dropping in at our house I could provide my wife with anything we had forgotten in the hurry and get good rest so that i could be there for her as support when she needed it. (also not to forget the first period after birth I was taking care of business cause my wife needed the time to recover.)

Also despite the car being towed it doesn't mean he missed the birth, it is never mentioned. It is just a extremely bad time to not have the car available to him. But there are plenty of alternatives he could have used to get there on time.

By  species4872  |  19

Ahh, you traded in your car for a baby.