By burning balls of fuck this - 25/02/2013 22:30 - United States - Oakton

Today, I locked my keys in my truck. The good news is that I have a spare set in my house. The bad news is that my house key is on the same keyring as my locked-in truck key. FML
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Your name cracked me up.

You've made one 'key' mistake.


Your name cracked me up.

It does have a nice ring to it

Burning balls of **** this. It's so... Charming.

hellbilly205 17

This just makes me glad i live in barracks with a key card lol

Klavier 5

And what's funnier, OP lives in Virginia.

Aaaahhhhhhh the vicious circle!

rahulcool7 14

Yeah, now OP has to buy a new house and a new car.

oj101 33

#12 - I hate it when that happens to me! Now OP has to find hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around rather than hiring a locksmith. Seems legit.

There's always figuring out how to pick the lock yourself, it's not too difficult. :D People put too much faith into locks.

39 - There's too many ways to eff it up. It's better to just call a locksmith and be out a hundred bucks than to break something off in the lock and have to get the lock replaced, or scratch the vehicle, or break the window (if you try to get in that way).

There's always a way to get in without a key. Worst case scenario you just destroy a window. Then again you are posting an FML from your phone I'm assuming, so call a locksmith. Too bad you didn't have a fake rock somewhere on your property that contained a spare key.

Most fire departments will unlock your car for free

Didn't really think that one through, did we? Of course I can't talk. I can't count the number of times I locked my keys in my car before I got one with a remote locking system.

I once locked my keys in my car whilst it was still running >.< Coat hangers are not just for coats...!

I'm always loosing my keys, one time I threw then away!

KingCeltic77 18

Don't you hide a spare key under the mat or something? Not something that obvious though, but something LIKE that?

Sorry Op I hope that you can call a friend to stay the night if you can't find a way in. But hey maybe there's a window that you can go in threw! When a door closes a window is open :D

dangerika93 11

Wow! You can spell 'through' you get a ******* sticker. Lol gotta love you grammar nazis

The only thing you could possible do is get help, but that sucks op

The amount of "point out the ******* obvious" in your comment is astounding.

42- Indeed. I'm actually furious.

And just when you think you're prepared enough, the Key Gnomes strike again. Bastards.

You've made one 'key' mistake.

The FML society excels in advanced humor and would've picked out that pun without the quotation marks. For future references, let them sort it out themselves - good lock and happy commenting.

I appreciate the advice, thanks!

8- I liked your picture until I realized it was toilet paper. Now I love it.

There's gotta be someone pulling at the strings here. The plot is too intricately woven.. *shifty eyes look*

Thatonebrony 2

fine I admit to it.

call AAA

oj101 33

Dammit smartphone dialpad. It doesn't have any letters I can type. What phone do you have?! It must be an ultraphone.

Thatonebrony 2

oh the lol