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Today, I was feeling really stressed so I bought some nice stress relieving lotion. When I got home, I took it out of the bag and accidentally dropped it (not realizing it was made of glass). The bottle shattered into pieces and I even cut my finger on one piece. So much for relieving stress. FML
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It rubs the lotion on its skin.

Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body Works is amazing stress release stuff. Just sayin'. Sometimes when I'm stressed I'll have a drink and it helps. But drugs and getting shit faced? I'll pass on that.


Nice job, butterfingers!

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I think she is using it wrong.

if you had bought it from the store wouldn't you know what it was made of. you can really mix it up with plastic either cuz glass is heavier..I say fail and fake you shouldve known

this reminds me of family guy. "the cause of the fire was these stress-relieving candles. irony!"

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My stress relieving lotion is a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's in a glass bottle. I tend to get butter fingers after de-stressing too.

I had some kind of lotion like that (stress relief) and I was allergic to it -_- (sensitive skin)

Why don't you post an FML?

that stuff doesn't work anyway, you did yourself a favor

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actually it does. Once I jerked off with that stuff and it was like bomb diggity the least stressful busting of my nuts EVER.

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I don't know what kiki and snickerdoodles are talking about it works really well depends if you get a shitty kind or not

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Well they're 16... don't exactly have money. They still gotta save up their allowances to go to the mall.

it's just a placebo effect..."oh this stuff says it will calm me down, let's use some, oh i feel so calm now!"

or just light a candle and burn some incense and listen to music. works for me

So I'm guessing you are a loser with no life, and resort to being annoying by correcting everyone because you are perfect? hmmm...

u girls is hut...;)

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snick, sometimes, with your relentless grilling of innocent (usually) commentators, you can be quite an annoying "little girl".

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um....ur your young but u ain't lil I'd know best ;E

Agreed. She's probably that girl that always has to correct other students in class because "she's so smart." I bet her teachers hate her.

dickersnoodle has a penis...???

you didn't use it correctly

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I know you would miss me snickerdoodles... i'd miss ya too. you and your smiley avatar. It brightens up my mornings.

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um, you mentioned me first, so I had to respond.

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for once snick wins! @28

Just drink some alcohol like a normal person.

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I hate when people turn to alcohol or drugs to "relieve" stress.

sXe people are so enlightened.

people like #10 are the ones who need their stress relieved the most, they're so uptight

marijuana relieves hatred...

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you comment on everything don't you?

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shit a bottle of MD20/20 is cheaper than all that crap and probably works better too

Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body Works is amazing stress release stuff. Just sayin'. Sometimes when I'm stressed I'll have a drink and it helps. But drugs and getting shit faced? I'll pass on that.

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couldn't agree more.

Where did this whole idea of getting shit faced come from?

I am the OP and that is exactly what it was. and lol to all the comments. btw the bottle was around $12. not expensive

o and I knew it was glass. just wanted to make the fml sound better

#71, 72 I highly doubt you're the OP.

Wouldn't you rather relax at home instead of going out of your way to drink at a bar?

ydi for buying "stress relieving lotion"

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Your best option is sex. Best stress reliever out on the market. And guess what? It's usually free.

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till you get married and have kids, then a mistress and she finds out then a lawyer who becomes you kids step mom then it's not free you actually get paid for it

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I've nvr seen lotion in a glass bottle

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I know, right? who puts lotion in a glass bottle?

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remove all shards of glass remove all clothing invite hot female friends remove their clothes w teeth roll in lotion stress removed :D oh and have a Cam record it all P;

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Your profile picture made me chuckle.