By wtfdreams - 17/05/2009 12:33 - United States

Today, I had a very intense sexual dream that made me come and left me panting when I woke up. It was the best orgasm I'd ever had. The trouble was, it wasn't about a hot girl, or anything sexy. It was about bacon. FML
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Ooooh, bacon, yes! You're some fucked up dude o_O

Wait.....doesn't everyone do that? Shit....I thought I was normal....


Ooooh, bacon, yes! You're some fucked up dude o_O

cant remember last Time i had sex with Bacon

If the bacon was female then your all good.

phreshboi 1

I think this speaks for all fat people who can't get laid

MW2_St3F4N 0

#532 lmao

its time to reconsider that diet eh? ;)

MMM Bacon = ) oh yeah ; ) lolz jk

jrkarikas 0

bacon oohhhh ohhh OOOOOHHHH OOOOOOOOOH...... mmmmm bacon.....

the correct way to spell it is "cum"

I lauughed for 2min when I saw this I guess you just like em fat n greasy

bonicr 0

558 maybe he's giving up bacon to stay skinny and clean and had the dream because he misses it and because he's a ****ing creeper... you never know.

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WJCool 0

lol ihope it was delicious hahaha.

Ihatethesenames 0

pig :)

no ppl its more like he would fuck a pig FOR bacon lmao

Please tell me that 'bacon' is your nickname for something else other than actual bacon.

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wait orgasms at bacon are uncommon?

650 hells yea!!! and I'm god too, I kick puppies and small children off bridges... wait…

Me likey the meat :)

Probably a redneck

#532, one would think I'd remember that too. B-)

#532 I can •_•

#570 the bacon or the... Liquids •_•

I bet the dream was sizzling.

Sounds quite sexy

ffpoisongirl 0

Yeah, sounds about right. Hahahahaha.

agreed. bacon rocks!

Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips

cinderelly 0

LOL! sexy bacon.

maloneybabe13 0

very sexy bacon lol

Silas_fml 0

The kind of love that kills.

StrangeSpider 0

is there a kind that doesnt kill? they dont say "till death do us part" for no reason.

Oooooh, I like bacon. But not like that.... Jet

thisishilarious 0

now how fat are you?

Damn that bacon for being so damn sexy!!!

Wait.....doesn't everyone do that? Shit....I thought I was normal....

It is.I once had a dream about my new dirt bike and I came...


harlehatschi 0

well bacon IS pretty awesome. just be glad you weren't dreaming about cabbage or grits or something gross like that

what you saying about grits?

You are definitely not from the south. Grits is just what everyone eats.

NailQueen2 7

I was born and raised in the south and I don't like grits.

infernno 23

At first, I misread it, thought it said girls instead of grits...

My kind of man. On the bright side, if someone ever asks you what you dreamt of, you don't have to lie.