By dear god help me. - 04/09/2013 22:46 - United States - Ewa Beach

Today, I used a restroom. While doing my thing, the power in my building completely went out. There was another person in the restroom making demonic noises and scratching at my stall. When the power came back on, he was gone. I think I'm being haunted. FML
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This sounds suspiciously like a beginning to a Scary Move... Dibs on the film rights!


CheeseTron 15

"I feel a warm stream running down my leg. Oh my god! It's starting to pool around my feet!"

I'm so scared of the dark I would have ran out, idk op your strong enough to have sat there

lollypop30001 19

No it's, If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call (Ghostbusters)

SwaggCapone 11

He could've left the bathroom.........

Ghost busters? I rather call Luigi to get rid of the ghosts.

The last straw to Moaning Myrtle's self-esteem. Really?

Sorry about that OP, I couldn't help it...

slappygecko 21

At least he was already on the toilet. It's convenient to be on the toilet during moments of pure terror.

why so they can over react and pee on themselves? like in south park XD

This sounds suspiciously like a beginning to a Scary Move... Dibs on the film rights!

Will it be another "based on true events" horror movie?

XxXCrissyXxX 12

I don't know man, sounds like something from the last of us. Fricken Clickers!

Better install cameras in every stall so you can catch what's really going on. Paranormal gastritis. Or haunting in Connecticut 3, ghosts of the lavatories.

Lasagnaa 24

and that is why you never go to the bathroom alone..

lonewolf658 6

So that's why girls travel in packs to the restroom

I would've ******* shit myself! .. Wait..

No we travel in pacts because something bad could happen like when Hermione went to the bathroom by herself and got petrified

JoseIsAdork 31

I would have sat in the stall, rocked back and forth and cried for about however long it took for another person to walk into the bathroom to find me and escort me out haha but in reality even if some idiot was just playing a joke like that for what ever reason if you were to piss your pants from fear (I would have) the bathroom is the best place to be.

guess we're not watching scary movies with you...

At least you got the shit scared out of you.

ohdannyboyy 8

you should of said STFU I'm trying to take a shit! :)

Exactly, it's just some other dumbass person in their anyway

Anyone who says "should of" cannot be taken seriously.

"Hey ghost, make yourself useful and unplug the toilet for me." That'll scare it away lol.