By SApprentice - United States - Harrisonburg
Today, I noticed one of my neighbors has decided to place an old toilet in the middle of their front lawn. Another one has had a kitchen sink in their driveway for a year, and yet another has a sofa in their grass. These are the people who taunt me for just walking my cat outside on a leash. FML
SApprentice tells us more :
I walk my cat on a leash and harness, instead of letting him roam, because I love him and do not want him to become lost to me. He really enjoys it and actually begs at the door to go for his walk. My neighbors are just trashy. They sit on their porches and loudly talk about the people who go by, which includes me whenever I try to walk my cat before I go to work. They are disturbingly proud of themselves, and seem to feed off of each other, with each malicious comment earning praise and support from their group. I... I just hate them so much. They don't seem to do anything. I don't know what they do for work. They're just always sitting on one of two porches, being dicks to everyone and adding new tidbits of trash to the landscape.
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  oj101  |  33

The OP probably lives in the same neighborhood as Will.I.Am, Lilly Allen, Katy Perry and Pixie Lott- all of them released a song in Simlish. Plus, who wouldn't want to be a Sim? I want to sleep in a cursed tombstone in Bridgeport, age backwards, change my weight by using a machine, replicate food so I'd never have to cook again and have a robot best friend.

By  uzairmacy  |  5

Sounds like your neighbors.... suck. No joke intended.

  Kallian_fml  |  21

Nah, at the heart of the white trash community they've got the whole living room set up on the lawn, TV included. Plus a paddling pool if you wanna be fancy.

  MP78_fml  |  7

I hate how you guys limit this to white trash. I've seen many different colors of trash, including: yellow (banana peels), red (coffee cans), green (spinach), orange (orange peels), purple (pillows), etc.

By  XanderJayNix  |  17

A cat on a leash? Honestly never heard of anyone doing that.

My cats will do everything short of suicide to get out of a collar. So I dunno how you got yours on a leash.

  Pudagiah  |  12

I've used a leash on my cat before! It's very useful actually. It saved my cat's life - he was a Burmese and didn't have much roadsense, but he was still allowed outside using the leash. :)

  Benchyface  |  11

The cat will accept it if you train it and let it slowly get used to it, but requires a lot of patience, love and lots of treats! It's actually encouraged to walk the cat on a leash it's first year because their sense of direction isn't fully developed and they can get lost very easily.
I walk my kitten and she's starting to enjoy it. C:

  Enslaved  |  36

29, you are correct. It's all about training. I have a bar guest that trained his cat from a baby to enjoy baths and saw video of el gato swimming in the pool.


My cat learned to wall on a leash because my mother was a truck driver and we went everywhere with her. He also loves to play in my bubble baths, though he tries as hard as he can not to get completely wet. Shoulder-deep, he will still walk carefully and keep as much dry as possible!

  Sputnikspak  |  13

My cat absolutely loathes going into his cat carrier, and we used to take him to our cottage an hour and a half away. He HATED that cage, he'd howl the whole time, or throw up, or shit himself or something.

We figured out it was way easier to put him on the harness and leash (you can't easily attach a leash to a cat's collar, they can wriggle out and most collars are breakaway), let him loose in the van, and put a small litter box in the back. Both the cat and the dog would be loose in the van - didn't seem to be a problem for either of them.

If he ever has to go to the vet, he goes on his leash, too. Way easier than trying to stuff a ball of raging claws into a carrier.

On nice summer days he sometimes goes out on his leash. Not so much anymore, he's really old (16), but I used to work at the neighbourhood veterinarian and the sheer number of outdoor cats who'd gotten into accidents, fights, or worse was pretty horrifically high. Plus there's some guy in the neighbourhood who shoots cats. He hasn't been caught at it yet.

Much safer to get fresh air on a leash.

  XxAtreyuSinsxX  |  14

I walk my cat on a leash. It's mainly because she's an indoor cat but is curious of the outdoors. I refuse to have any cat outside because when I was younger, every outdoor cat I had died from getting hit by a car. So a leash keeps her safe while letting her explore outside. O.O

  XxKatiie  |  7

certain breeds of cats are classified as indoor cats and have to be walked on leashes because they either have no roadsense or won't be able to find their way home.